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Carra Greer

While some moderate Baptist churches will hire women to fill their pulpits from time to time, women are far from welcome as ministers in too many congregations – even so-called ‘moderate’ churches. […] Read More

We have a clear understanding about God and Jesus, but the Holy Spirit has often been the third wheel of the Trinity. I’ve been inspired by a new way to think about the Trinity, which puts more responsibility on us as believers. […] Read More

As the Notre Dame Cathedral was consumed by fire, it was a physical manifestation of what many survivors of church and clergy abuse have experienced, watching in isolation as their sacred spaces go up in smoke. […] Read More

There is an obvious void in the Baptist church when it comes to issues regarding sex and sexuality, which affects most directly women and acknowledgement of women’s issues. These include infertility, infant mortality, pre-term labor, prolonged bed rest, high-risk pregnancies, abnormalities of the fetus, lactation issues and post-partum depression (to name a few). Broader issues […] Read More

We leave the imagination stuff to children – imaginary friends and Peter Pan’s epic imaginary food fight come to mind. Certainly, higher thinkers and wise adults would have moved past imagination to knowledge. This is dangerous. Maybe our quest for knowledge is a bit misguided. We see it as linear; seeking information and truth must […] Read More

A sermon delivered by Carra Hughes Greer, Smoke Rise Baptist Church, Stone Mountain, Ga., on May 22, 2011. John 8:1-11 It’s early in the morning and Jesus is teaching a group of people in the temple. Out of nowhere, an angry mob of scribes and Pharisees bring a half-naked woman and parade her in front […] Read More

This sermon was delivered by Carra Hughes Greer, minister to families with youth at Smoke Rise Baptist Church, Stone Mountain, Ga., on Feb. 28, 2010.   Luke 13:31-35   One sunny afternoon, my oldest brother Troy had been chasing Fitzgerald’s famous wild chickens and so proudly bounded up to our home to show my mom […] Read More

You Are What You Eat

This sermon was preached by Carra Hughes Greer, minister to families with youth, at Smoke Rise Baptist Church in Stone Mountain, Ga., on Aug. 23, 2009.   John 6:56-69 I am always so excited when I get an opportunity to preach.  Actually, when Bob came to me several weeks ago and asked me to fill […] Read More