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(RNS) The American Cancer Society has rejected an atheist group’s bid to field a national team to raise money for cancer research, and organizers suspect it’s because of the volunteers’ godless beliefs. Todd Stiefel, who channels tens of thousands of dollars to atheist causes from his Raleigh, N.C.-based Stiefel Freethought Foundation, had wanted to organize […] Read More

(RNS) Thomas A. Farrington isn’t looking for cards or a tie this Father’s Day. What he really wants, he says, is for other black men sitting in the pews with a prostate cancer diagnosis to know they’re not alone. Two years ago, Farrington, the founder of the Boston-based Prostate Health Education Network (PHEN), launched Father’s […] Read More

A sermon delivered by Joel Snider, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Rome, Ga., May 22, 2011. Romans 8:28 Morning Prayer: O, Lord, we confess that we live in a world where your goodness and presence is easily hidden.  Like the psalmist, we sometimes wonder where you have gone and why you are so far away from […] Read More

(RNS) Cancer patients who consider the length of their lives to be “in God’s hands” are more willing than others to spend money on treatments that might extend their lives, a new study shows. Michelle Martin, an assistant professor at the University of Alabama, based her research on findings of a National Cancer Institute study […] Read More

Cecil Sherman, founding coordinator of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, has acute leukemia, specifically acute myeloid leukemia. At 80 years old, he received his first round of chemotherapy early last week at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. He knew going in that his protocol would require hospitalization for 30 days. Sadly his wife, Dot, died […] Read More

A pleasant surprise occurred in Texas politics this past weekend. For the first time, in a long time, Texas may be the first state to be proactive in an issue of public health. Gov. Rick Perry has announced plans to require a vaccine for girls entering the sixth grade. The vaccine is effective in reducing […] Read More

A vaccine against cervical cancer, with potential to save the lives of 3,700 women in the United States and 250,000 worldwide each year, could become available as early as next year. It worries conservative Christian groups, however, who fear it might send an unintended message to young girls that it is safe to have premarital […] Read More

You might think that 3-year-old children are too young to learn about cancer. You might think that cancer is a topic too heavy and deep for a teacher to be discussing with 3-year-olds. Under most circumstances that might be true. But Jan Smith’s kindergarten classes are not like most other classes. In each class, she […] Read More

Praying for a Cure

I’ve been wearing a hospital bracelet on my arm for about two months. It’s a rather odd piece of jewelry. One of my friends put it on my arm at church before I could protest. “We are going to wear these until Chandler’s healed,” she said. I looked at the hospital bracelet and noticed the […] Read More

You might forget his name, Aron Ralston, but you won’t soon forget what he did. After having his arm pinned by an 800-pound boulder for five days while hiking in Colorado, Ralston broke the bones in his arm and used his dull pocket knife to cut through the skin and tendons to free himself. He […] Read More