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Canadian Baptist Ministries

Society is addicted to cheap and disposable fashion. In Christian circles, fashion isn’t a popular topic. Many churches sweep fashion aside as materialistic fluff and don’t see how fashion can be a delivery method for justice work. […] Read More

Cornwallis Street Baptist Church in Nova Scotia took a bold stand against injustice by severing ties with its street’s divisive name that had honored a British officer whose legacy included genocide against the Mi’kmaq Tribe. […] Read More

It’s one heartbreaking story after another. Thousands of indigenous women and girls in Canada are murdered or go missing; too often families are left without answers. Grieving a loss is one thing, but injustice compounds the grief. […] Read More

Canadian Baptists have sought to faithfully walk alongside and accompany “the other” wherever we’ve been called to serve. As a result, we issued a formal apology in 2016 to our First Nations brothers and sisters. […] Read More

Women and girls suffer disproportionately from poverty, human rights violations and violence, which is why Canadian Baptist Ministries launched She Matters to help educate, equip and empower them. […] Read More

When it comes to interfaith dialogue, churches need to act more like 10-year-olds, learning to weave discussions of faith and practice between religions with the ease and fluidity one sees in the playground. […] Read More

Compassion is a powerful force. Stories of compassion are often found in places of tragedy and suffering. These are the locations of wounded and broken people. Members of a small Baptist church in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon know about compassion. They saw more than a million Syrian refugees pour into their country – desperate […] Read More

I have an unhealthy attachment to maps. I gain a great sense of security in being able to plot out the route I’ll be taking and then to follow along as we move down the carefully selected roads, through the pre-determined towns, arriving at the estimated time of arrival. But my short-term global experiences over […] Read More

A recent Sunday worship service at my church was special: Two people were being baptized. We heard their stories of their growing relationship with God; we applauded and celebrated with them as they entered into this profound enactment of grace and obedience. As the baptism began, Gene Tempelmeyer, the senior pastor, said this profound thing. […] Read More

I often use the adjectives “broken” and “wounded” to describe the world. Placed together, they express the collective impact of evil and destructive patterns of behavior on human lives. The Hebrew word “shalom” conveys the meaning of wholeness or health. A person who enjoys God’s gift of peace lives fully and meaningfully with God, family, […] Read More