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Our future requires people with different skills. We need those who can dream the future and those who can build it. People should be encouraged to follow the educational and career paths that suit their gifts and interests. […] Read More

Some fear that life is too precarious to live. If life were a motorcycle, they would tell you don’t rev it up too much; don’t go into uncharted territory. Play it safe. Instead, say “yes” to the calling to be freely and fully alive. […] Read More

Nearly all observers of the 21st century church in the U.S. agree that the next generation of leadership is a cause for concern. Many write, blog, tweet and generally lament the state of leadership cultivation and training – or lack thereof. Far too many congregations no longer encourage young people and laity to consider vocational […] Read More

I attended a meeting of clergy recently, which began with us sitting in a small circle, coffees in hand, introducing ourselves and talking about the state of our ministries. I knew immediately how this would go and it met my expectations. It was the exact same responses that I hear every time clergy get together […] Read More

Dying for Rebirth

 A sermon by Michael Cheuk, Pastor, University Baptist Church, Charlottesville, Va. June 22, 2014. Matthew 10:24-39 This morning’s New Testament lesson from Matthew is a challenging word.  I didn’t choose it.  It was the assigned Gospel lesson for today in the Revised Common Lectionary.  This passage is a hard teaching of Jesus that challenges my […] Read More

God Picks First

A sermon by Keith Herron, Pastor, Holmeswood Baptist Church, Kansas City, Mo. The Second Sunday after Epiphany John 1:29-42 January 19, 2014 Isaiah 49:1-7; Psalm 40:1-11; I Corinthians 1:1-9 One of the childhood perils of the playground was when a game was played and the group of kids went through the ritual of choosing up […] Read More

In the beginning, we all had the same calling.  It’s commonplace now to talk about God’s unique calling on our individual lives, and that my calling may be different from your calling – and that’s all right. But in the beginning, we all had the same calling.  By “all” I don’t just mean all humans; I […] Read More

My doctor of ministry project focused on the impact of coaching for bivocational ministers. Several bivocational ministers were coached as part of this project. This study later became a book, and the following is an excerpt from one of the chapters. Pastor B struggled with his sense of call to the ministry. A few years […] Read More

In college, I took an Old Testament course that challenged me to think of Genesis 1 not as a sweet fairy-tale or myth, but rather a very intentional, nuanced and structured environment that took fully into account the use of the six-day metaphor. My professor wasn’t arguing for a six, 24-hour day creation story, but […] Read More

There is a mantra I hear often from my generation of church leaders. It gets voiced loudly by pastor search committees, nominating committees and church organizations committed to a mission of embodying “God’s new order of the Spirit” (Mark 1:11). Who will provide the inspiration needed and the hard work necessary to accomplish what we […] Read More