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Budget Cuts

Plenty of gory stories about injury, mayhem and death in America this summer, highlighted by mass violence in suburban Denver and Milwaukee. Illinois has escaped those incidents, we think. Oh, but then there’s Chicago, with its own – more extended in time and space – version of injury, mayhem and death: what seems like daily […] Read More

The issue biblically isn’t, this time, only or even primarily about keeping one’s word, although that feature of integrity is indeed part of the whole picture – as it is so often. But no, in this case, the New Testament standard has to do principally with what “abides” and what doesn’t “abide” within a person’s, […] Read More

Political commentators will write about which politicians and political party gained and who lost in this debate over the debt ceiling. They should also report that President Barack Obama caved in to those who demanded that the nation make drastic cuts in domestic programs that help the needy, educate children and care for its elderly. […] Read More

Those pushing for small government these days are doing a good job of keeping their utter joy under wraps. Most of the time, the rest of us see these folks lamenting the growth of government. They make pledges not to raise taxes or the debt ceiling as a way of decreasing the size of the […] Read More

Those who attended the demonstrations in London on March 26 must have felt they were too large to ignore. Perhaps as many as 400,000 people marched against the British government’s cuts, and this before they have really begun to bite anything like as hard as they will. Well, perhaps, the demonstrations will be too large […] Read More

Some legislators want to defund U.S. public broadcasting. If that happens, one organization that would be affected is StoryCorps. Since 2003, StoryCorps has recorded and archived more than 30,000 interview sessions with ordinary Americans and, significantly, archived them at the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress. StoryCorps is an independent nonprofit, but its […] Read More

It’s amazing what you can find in the Bible when you actually read it. In the third chapter of Joel, we find these words: “Beat your plowshares into swords and your pruning hooks into spears.” But then, about a century later, we read these words from the prophet Isaiah as he describes his hope for […] Read More

After an all-night session, the newly elected Republican majority in the House passed a budget reduction bill of more than $60 billion. I’m concerned about some of the proposed cuts, but what I find most frustrating is the political maneuvering behind the Republican proposal. I may be projecting my own frustration and disillusionment with recent […] Read More

Presidents Day is a bit overshadowed by the marketing hype showered on St. Valentine, but it is a good time to reflect gratefully on those who have served in that office. Sure, they enjoy power, prestige, perks and an obvious place in history. But there is also stress, responsibility and the burden of decisions that […] Read More

House Republicans want to cut federal spending by $100 billion during the next seven months at the expense of programs protecting the poor. At the same time, Republicans want to boost security for themselves with a $12.5 million increase for Capitol Hill police.   On Friday night, Feb. 11, House Republican leaders released their proposal […] Read More