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Bruce Shortt

Imagine a school where a religious holy book is the primary textbook, modern science is seen as suspect, males are separated from females, unbelievers are the enemy, and 21st century culture is viewed with hostility. If you think this sounds like a fundamentalist Islamic madrasa, think again. This might be the future of kindergarten through […] Read More

A group dedicated to getting Christians to leave public schools has launched a new offensive. This time, it’s A Call to Dunkirk. The Exodus Mandate Project, which helps Christian families exit the public school system, is using a famous incident from World War II to sell Christians on the idea that staying in government schools […] Read More

The call for an “exodus” from public schools continues to gain momentum in the Southern Baptist Convention, according to sponsors of a resolution being proposed at this summer’s SBC annual meeting in San Antonio. Bruce Shortt, a representative of Exodus Mandate, a Christian ministry that urges parents to remove their children from “government” schools and […] Read More

Bruce Shortt’s book about public schools is endorsed by TV preacher James Kennedy; Paige Patterson, president of Southwestern Baptist Seminary; and Southern Baptist fundamentalist leader Paul Pressler. The foreward to the book is written by T.C. Pinckney, a leader of the fundamentalist swing in the Southern Baptist Convention. He and Shortt were the leaders of […] Read More

Editor’s note: Due to interest in a Christian Education Resolution being proposed to next week’s Southern Baptist Convention, invited one of the resolution’s sponsors, Houston attorney Bruce Shortt, to write a column explaining his call for Southern Baptists to remove their children from public schools. Few subjects touch our hearts as parents so deeply […] Read More

A resolution calling for Southern Baptists to exit public schools could face an uphill battle, if supporters of church- and home-based education attending a meeting in one state are any indication. Church leaders at a Tuesday “summit” for Christian educators in Florida faulted the resolution under consideration by the Southern Baptist Convention Resolutions Committee as […] Read More