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Bruce Almighty

Sometimes I worry that too many Christians have lost their sense of humor. They seem to approach themselves, God, and especially those they disapprove of, with a deadly seriousness. Sadly, such folk remind me more of the hard-nosed Pharisees of the Gospels than Jesus. Jesus knew how to laugh. Jesus knew how to smile. For […] Read More

Need to call on God? Thanks to Jim Carrey’s new movie, “Bruce Almighty,” you now have the number. The comedy, in which Carrey’s Bruce Nolan receives God’s powers, grossed more than $85 million last weekend. It also sent phone lines berserk as viewers left screenings—in which God (Morgan Freeman) pages Bruce and leaves a number—and […] Read More

What if an average Joe, thinking he had what it takes to run the world, assumed God’s powers for a few days? Hollywood calls that sort of “what if” a high concept, an idea that is instantly memorable and instantly sells. The industry has been banking on high-concept movies for several decades now, thinking that […] Read More