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Four major British denominations have warned that the government’s draft energy bill would set the United Kingdom up for failure on carbon targets. The Baptist Union of Great Britain, the Methodist Church, the Quakers in Britain and the United Reformed Church have warned that, in its current form, the bill undermines the government’s commitment to […] Read More

Editor’s note: This column is another of several will carry from an initiative from Great Britain called “ – Baptists Imagining Life After 400 Years.” “Organisations, the Church included, are built to administer, maintain and protect from harm that which already exists; in contrast creative or dissenting people are designed to give birth to […] Read More

How do you communicate something of the relevance and accessibility of the gospel to people in today’s society? An imaginative church in southwest England has chosen the artistic route as it refurbished its city center building. Believing the visual to be important as well as the written or spoken word, Broadmead Baptist Church in Bristol […] Read More

Christians should advocate the sense of interdependence that comes from close relationships in Europe. That’s according to Tony Peck, general secretary of the European Baptist Federation, who spoke following the European Union summit, which concluded recently. Peck said that European Baptists would want to argue for “a healthy, interdependent Europe and EU where the strong […] Read More

Plans to bring a Paralympic team from Haiti to compete in the 2012 Summer Paralympic Games were officially unveiled recently. Titled “The Dream,” the more than $388,000 project (about 250,000 British pounds) involves BMSWorldMission, the HaitiHospitalAppeal, GlobalHand and property developer Hammersons, which hosted the launch in London. British wheelchair basketball star Ade Adepitan, who has […] Read More

The 30th anniversary of the GreenhamCommonWomen’sPeaceCamp in Berkshire, England, which irritated the military and political establishment from 1981 until 2000 – though the last missiles left in 1992 – was appropriately observed with newspaper articles and TV news features. Whatever one may have thought of the policies they were advocating, the moral seriousness of the […] Read More

LONDON (RNS) One of the prominent figures in the revived ancient priesthood of Druidism in Britain has been charged with defrauding the government of 40,000 pounds (about $25,000) in welfare payments over the past eight years. Druid Terry Dobney, the self-styled “Keeper of the Stones” at the nation’s ages-old monument at Stonehenge, is best known […] Read More

LONDON (RNS) An Anglican vicar has been convicted of conducting hundreds of bogus marriages in a scam aimed at helping African immigrants gain illegal entry into Britain. A jury at Lewes Crown Court, in southern England, on Thursday (July 29) found the Rev. Alex Brown had violated immigration laws by marrying 383 couples over a […] Read More