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Border Security

At a rally, President Trump praised “beautiful” barbed wire going up at the border. Barbed wire is among the most lethal and terrible inventions deployed in modern warfare. Beautiful it is not. […] Read More

A majority (74 percent) of U.S. Protestants and Catholics support “Dreamers” receiving permanent legal status, according to a Pew Research Center report released on Jan. 19. “Dreamers” are persons brought to the U.S. as minors and who have only known the U.S. as their home. The term derives from a 2011 Congressional proposal – the […] Read More

Efforts to protect national security by restricting the entrance of persons from other countries have long been used as examples of a lack of the kind of hospitality that is called for in both our American heritage and in the biblical perspective on the significance of treatment of the stranger. Debate on that issue will […] Read More