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Bob Setzer

As someone who offers up the high-wire act of public performance every Sunday, I have more sympathy than most for Christina Aguilera’s widely publicized flubbing of the national anthem at the Super Bowl. What appears so easy from the comfort of one’s stadium seat or pew can become nearly impossible when adrenaline or anxiety sabotages […] Read More

Along with most Americans, I am still reeling from the Fort Hood shootings. That 13 brave soldiers, pledged to defend my life and liberty, were struck down by a madman on our native soil breaks my heart and turns my stomach. That the alleged gunman was a psychiatrist pledged to help soldiers manage combat stress […] Read More

Recently, both Miss California and megachurch pastor Rick Warren got slammed for speaking to the issue of gay rights. While each pleased some and infuriated others, both got beaten up pretty badly in this very public and often nasty debate.   Perhaps I feel more sympathy than most for these public figures because I have […] Read More

I have read a number of letters to our new president, but I have yet to read a single letter to the American people. We might do well to remember the fate of the country is not entirely in his hands, but ours as well ¦ Recently, periodicals from Reader’s Digest to Sojourners have published […] Read More

The church shooting last Sunday in Knoxville, Tenn., was a nightmare I have long feared. Churches, like schools, are easy targets for madmen wishing to inflict harm on defenseless people. Since the church shooting in Colorado last December, we have enhanced security measures at our church. Shortly after the 11 o’clock worship hour, the custodian […] Read More

Go to Church on Christmas Day

Amid all the hubbub about the “war on Christmas,” a much more disturbing story has largely escaped the public attention, or at least, the public debate. And that is the decision of a number of flagship mega-churches around the country to dispense with worship on Christmas Sunday. Apparently, many of their members prefer spending Christmas […] Read More

Praying About the Weather

As of this writing (Wednesday morning), Ivan the Terrible is about to land on the Gulf Coast and pummel its way northward. Along with everyone else, I am trying to anticipate the inevitable complications and possible peril this storm will bring. Shall we attempt to pray this storm away from us and our loved ones, […] Read More

Several months ago I read a novel entitled The DaVinci Code. It was a good read, if a bit far-fetched, but then this was fiction, or so I thought. Only later did I learn the book’s author considered the plot historically plausible. Recently, ABC presented a news special entitled, “Jesus, Mary and DaVinci.” Correspondent Elizabeth […] Read More

Sometimes I worry that too many Christians have lost their sense of humor. They seem to approach themselves, God, and especially those they disapprove of, with a deadly seriousness. Sadly, such folk remind me more of the hard-nosed Pharisees of the Gospels than Jesus. Jesus knew how to laugh. Jesus knew how to smile. For […] Read More

Jesus Left No Bones

Christians don’t believe in Jesus because of artifacts. They believe in Jesus because of his life-changing impact in their lives today. First, as historical “proof” of the existence of Jesus Christ, the discovery is not very important. No serious scholar disputes that a first-century Galilean named Jesus altered the course of history. For starters, the […] Read More