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BMS World Mission

Fighting illiteracy is an intangible battle for many of us. We take our literacy for granted and can’t comprehend the need for it around the globe. Change, however, comes through education. Literacy can help undo injustices. […] Read More

True freedom isn’t as simple as the slogans, patriotic songs and political rhetoric would suggest. You must be willing to defend those who differ from you if you support it. That’s why some have lost their taste for freedom. […] Read More

If our mission is to be relevant in tomorrow’s world, our theology and practice will need to change. These 4 crucial issues will determine the quality of Christian mission into the next century. […] Read More

How might we share our faith with Muslims in an ethical way? Consider these five thoughts; one or more of them might start or further a conversation to help you do just that. […] Read More

When sharing your faith with Muslims, taking the position of ‘loving Muslims’ while ‘hating Islam’ is not a healthy starting point. So where do you begin? […] Read More

For many in the packed audience for the Neal Morse Band’s April 6 concert in Birmingham, England, the fact that Neal’s one of the leaders of the nonconformist City on a Hill Church in Nashville will be almost completely unknown. Another name unknown to most of them is that of Kerry Livgren, who is a […] Read More

Everyone should have access to clean water wherever they live in the world. It’s a basic need that we require to survive and thrive. But millions of people don’t have that access and that is a challenge to the church: Should we respond to this huge need for clean water or see it as not […] Read More

We’re the smartphone, social media generation. We were raised to share our opinions, to speak our minds. By the age of 21, millions of us had significant education debt. We were taught we could be anything, anyone, we wanted to be. But that’s a lot of pressure. We don’t really know what we want. So […] Read More

There is no walk of life, other than in a religious setting, where the term worship is properly used. We use it as a metaphor to try and express profound respect or love for another person – “He worships the very ground she walks on.” – but true worship is solely a religious activity, an […] Read More

The ability of nations to cope with the impact of climate change varies widely. “The rich countries of the West may be able to cope with climate change, but what about the people in countries with few resources?” asks Jack (not his real name), a BMS World Mission worker in East Asia. “Do we think […] Read More