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Blake Hart

“Why don’t they just come here legally?” It’s a common question about undocumented immigrants in the U.S., but what sounds simple is incredibly complex, extremely exclusive and very expensive. […] Read More

As our nation debates the need for a wall on our southern border, those who favor it typically cite three reasons: terrorists, “illegals” and drugs. Their reasons don’t hold up to scrutiny. […] Read More

It’s not often you hear the words “sin” and “immigration policy” in the same sentence, but there is simply no other way to talk about the atrocities that the Trump administration is committing against immigrants. Right now, entire communities live in fear, wondering if today will be their last day of freedom. Children wonder if […] Read More

The term “chain migration” is becoming commonplace in our political discourse when speaking about immigration policy. Media outlets are even using this term with increasing frequency. No question is given, though, to what it means or if it even exists. When people speak of “chain migration,” what they are doing is politicizing and sensationalizing what […] Read More

Are we inviting the wrong people to our congregations? This unsettling question arose as I studied Luke 14:7-24 in preparing a recent sermon. Jesus is at a dinner party and he sees everyone jockeying for the most honorable seats. He tells them, “Take the lowest seat, that way if the host asks you to take […] Read More

We teach our children from a very young age not to be selfish. It’s one of those qualities we easily see as a negative. When one child is selfishly guarding a toy to themselves, we interject, “Now, remember. We have to be nice and share with our friends.” Or when another child selfishly demands somebody […] Read More

It is nearly impossible to talk about immigration in the church, especially in the South. While speaking with a pastor about beginning immigrant legal ministries in churches, his comment to me was, “I don’t see you starting this kind of ministry in any typical white church without causing division.” For clarity, this was a white […] Read More

We live in a fearful society. I remember going to school after the 1999 Columbine massacre and meeting in the auditorium to learn about our now necessary lock-down procedures. The fear of going to school and dying there became very real. I also remember a time before the 9/11 terrorist attacks. It was an era […] Read More

“Righteousness.” What a confusing and misunderstood word. We use it and use it over and over again without much critical thought as to what it means. Thanks to our traditional focus on personal piety, this word has taken on overtones of a personal experience. One is “righteous” if they are upright, pure and above reproach […] Read More