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Bivocational Ministry

One third of all seminary graduates in 2017 were planning to enter bivocational ministry. The news offers hope to thousands of smaller churches who struggle to find seminary-trained leadership to serve their churches. […] Read More

Many bivocational ministers want theological education but can’t see how to pursue it with the time they must also devote to their ministries, careers and families. Today, they have more options to earn a degree on their schedule. […] Read More

In a few years, many U.S. workers won’t have the standard 9-to-5 job and will be expected to earn a living seeking multiple paid opportunities. How will this trend affect your church? […] Read More

Bivocational ministry is emerging as a necessity for many churches and denominations, but most theological institutions still focus on full-time church ministry and mostly ignore other ministry models. […] Read More

Whether your church has always had a bivocational minister or is shifting from full-time to part-time, these guidelines will help make your pastor successful so your church can thrive. […] Read More

I met with many pastor search teams to help them in that process while serving as an area resource minister. The majority of the churches in my area were smaller churches, and many of them were looking for bivocational leadership. One of the things that often hindered their search was the expectations they had of […] Read More

Early in the history of the Christian church, believers were divided into two groups – the clergy and the laity. Clergy were those called to a full-time Christian vocation. Laity were the men and women who pursued secular vocations and supported the ministry of the clergy. Of course, these categories were not always hard and […] Read More

Perhaps you are blessed to be part of a congregation that has a full-time professional staff. Your pastor and most of the associate pastors are seminary educated. The staff members provide leadership and train lay leaders in specialized areas of ministry such as Christian formation, worship, youth, children and preschool, and senior adults. This is […] Read More

Standing in the middle of a field in Burnaby, British Columbia, I could not help but smile. Hundreds of people from our neighborhood – new immigrants, families, elderly, young professionals – streamed into a park for the second annual Inclusion Festival. A youth band from a local music school played on a stage; a Peruvian […] Read More

Consultants and commentators have been pushing churches and ministers to consider bivocational ministry in light of shrinking budgets, bulky campuses, dry baptismal pools, aging congregants and emptying pews. Cooperative Baptists are resisting the mainstream bivocational ministry trends for good reason. Before joining CBF Global as reference and referral manager, I was a bivocational pastor. As […] Read More