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Bill Shiell

Affirming and supporting women in all local church ministry positions is a distinctive of the moderate Baptist movement. Sometimes, it takes instances like the Tennessee Baptist Convention’s removal of First Baptist of Jefferson City, Tennessee, from its fellowship for calling Ellen Di Giosia as pastor to remind us of this distinctive. Baptist Women in Ministry […] Read More

The last two weeks of August send students back to school and the church back to mission. Through partnerships in public and private education, churches are uniquely positioned at the intersection of needs, opportunities and open doors in people’s lives. A renewed church is one engaged in local schools. By adopting a public school, a […] Read More

Transitions in power are much like passing a baton in a relay race. The relay teams that win are often not the swiftest but the ones who have learned to negotiate and properly execute the exchange. It requires teamwork, communication, humility and sacrifice in order for the team to succeed. The problems with the competing […] Read More

Many seminarians have been handed the ubiquitous free book of advice from the newly retired ministers’ pen. The titles vary, but they have the same theme: What Seminary did not Teach You, or How to Survive on Staff at a Church. Thankfully, Brett Younger’s recent release, Who Moved My Pulpit? provides wonderfully fresh insight into […] Read More

“Whatever derives from lively faith is itself lively,” wrote the great German theologian Helmut Thielicke. His statement about authentic responses to faith can be applied to the most recent volume from the Chrysostom Society, Epiphanies: Stories for the Christian Year. Published by Baker Books, this group of Christian writers and ministers has offered another lively […] Read More

C. S. Lewis was attributed with the statement, “Prayer is more about changing yourself than changing God.” That is, through prayer, the believer changes his desires to fit God’s rather than vice-versa. The same concept could be applied to the thesis of Gordon Smith’s recent book, The Voice of Jesus. By listening to Jesus’ voice, […] Read More

Most preaching derives from one’s contexts, that is, from the personal experiences of the preacher directed to a gathered community at a given time. Christ’s Passion, Our Passions, by Rev. Margaret Bullitt-Jonas, provides seven sermons preached for the congregation of the Cathedral Church of St. Paul on Good Friday, 2002. In this context, the author […] Read More

Former Baptist minister David Instone-Brewer wrote this book out of a pastoral concern for those needing counseling regarding an unfaithful spouse. Individuals were concerned that the Bible prohibited them from divorcing, even after repeated acts of unfaithfulness. David Instone-Brewer, now a research fellow and technical officer with the large biblical research library and publisher Tyndale […] Read More

Olson provides a practical way of reading Mark through the lens of one of the themes of the Gospel: liberation. Olson holds a master’s of divinity from Bethel Seminary and a master’s in journalism from Northwestern University. He is also co-founder of A Distant Wind, a religious consulting firm. Olson employs a variety of methods […] Read More