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Bill Ross

While the US consumes over 300 billion gallons of water daily, about 800 children worldwide die due to lack of water. Access to clean water is a crisis with life-threatening consequences. You can be part of the solution. […] Read More

It is about relationships. More than 30 years ago, I had the opportunity to visit India and establish lifelong relationships with Baptists in Kerala. It is about the mystery of God. I had two opportunities to “travel to the hard places” with Pat Anderson through a Lilly grant offered to the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF). […] Read More

“The deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.” These words bring fear, hate, exclusion, injustice, hurt, shock and pain. The victims have been stereotyped, lumped into a reason for such a massacre. The shooter has been stereotyped as well, and, for some, his religious convictions offer explanation. I am praying for those who are injured and […] Read More

First Baptist of Marietta, Georgia, began seven years ago a mission titled First Connection, which has received more than $1 million with the focus on home repair for senior adults and “those who fall in the cracks.” Working with the local Community Development Block Grant program to know who is in need has enabled us […] Read More