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Bible Study

I was walking through the halls of a senior living facility in Belgium on my way to visit the elderly father of a church member. Over the speaker system came the chant, “The whole world is watching, the whole world is watch.” Then the musical group, Chicago, transitioned into the song “Someday” from their Chicago […] Read More

What is the mission of the Baptist Center for Ethics, better known as, and how do we pursue that mission? Perhaps answering these two core questions ought to be an annual exercise. Reminding our constituency of our mission and how we do it helps avoid false expectations and unrealistic demands. It helps nurture clearer […] Read More

Busy and fruitful. That is how I would describe 2016 for Baptist Center for Ethics / We hit the ground running following New Year’s celebrations and didn’t slow down. In addition to my role in overseeing daily site content and social media accounts, I began the year focused on two study guides that […] Read More

Anniversary celebrations are more than festivals of achievement. They are opportunities to build up houses of faith. One of the ways we are observing our 25th anniversary is with the release of two much needed moral education resources. We’ve followed a cardinal rule for 25 years: organizations build a constituency with content – practical, helpful […] Read More

Every so often, I stumble upon a new way to read and study the Bible. Scripture tells us that it is good to meditate on God’s Word day and night (Psalm 1:2), but it is difficult to know how to dig deep in its teachings. In exploring the lessons of the psalms, Bible scholar F. […] Read More

So many of the discipleship programs I have been through have focused on teaching me to do religious things like prayer, Bible study and tithing. These are all good things to do. But here’s the thing that stands out to me as I read the gospels: Jesus rarely told his disciples to do religious things. […] Read More

How can you rejuvenate your Bible study, care for creation and save money? Use one of 17 undated, PDF curriculum units published by Acacia Resources – a division of Ranging from five to 13 weeks in length, the studies are written by global Baptists and address a variety of topics and texts. Leader guides […] Read More has 17 Bible studies available to help you start off well your 2015 Sunday School, small group or Wednesday night studies. All curriculum is available for purchase through the storefront. The studies will come to you via email as a PDF that can be printed or used in its digital format to conserve […] Read More has available a Lenten Bible study to which Baptists from North America, Latin America and Europe contributed lessons. Student and leader guides for the eight-week study, “Eyeing Easter, Walking through Lent,” may be ordered here. Sample student lessons and leader guides are available for review. The undated, online unit was produced in partnership with […] Read More

Step into any Christian bookstore or search for the word “Bible” online and you will find not only a number of translations but also many editions of the Bible targeted to specific consumers – “The Soldier’s Bible,” “The Godly Woman’s Bible,” “The Bible for Teenagers” and on and on. Of course, many of us no […] Read More