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Bible Interpretation

Domestic violence occurs in all socioeconomic, ethnic and religious communities, but it’s particularly heinous when Christian communities claiming a high view of the Bible misuse Scripture to promote rather than prevent abuse. […] Read More

Our inherited biases can lead us to faulty conclusions and questionable actions. It’s how some Christians have used the Bible to justify slavery and subjugate women. Every one of us, no matter how enlightened, still has work to do. […] Read More

Baptists should witness about their own spiritual journeys but must approach people of other faiths with humility, curiosity, kindness and respect. Cultivating these virtues and recalling these 3 factors will yield positive results. […] Read More

When relating to persons of other faiths, Christians can testify passionately about the path they have walked but should not disparage the path others have traveled. We should approach others with humility rather than arrogance. […] Read More

Many Baptists assume evangelism corresponds to proselytization yet don’t consider developing interfaith relationships as a priority. Christ, however, calls us to be faithful witnesses, not successful proselytizers. […] Read More

Southern Baptist leaders, like Al Mohler, claim the “plain teaching of Scripture” says women should not preach to the gathered church. But upon examining his scriptural reasoning, one thing is clear: Mohler gets the Bible wrong. […] Read More

Whether you do or do not believe the Bible should be read literally is irrelevant. It’s whether you actually read it. Those who read it at least weekly – literally or not – tend to become more progressive in their views. […] Read More

There was a time when I found a rant satisfying. It was a cathartic putting right of the world, or at least a therapeutic binge of self-expression that, even if it didn’t persuade others, made me feel a lot better. If I were to revert to the rant as default setting for responding to that […] Read More

Does the Bible speak? If so, how? An oft-told tale of the Spanish conquest of the Americas tells of the Inca ruler Atahualpa. When he met the conquistadors in 1532, some Catholic priests reputedly gave him a Bible, telling him it contained the word of God. Atahualpa put the book to his ear, but hearing […] Read More

Support for Israel and reports that Iran is pushing for nuclear weapons have galvanized conservative Christians into a political force that will be hard to ignore. That’s according to a Tuesday New York Times story about white evangelicals, making up about a fourth of voters, who view support for Israel as “God’s foreign policy.” John […] Read More