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Beloved Community

As Martin Luther King Day nears, we need a new generation of radically Christian and socially subversive parents who will lead their families faithfully and unabashedly, eager to be thermostats who will transform society. […] Read More

In a global economy that views our planet as a repository of resources to exploit, the theme of peace during Advent calls us to imagine and live an alternative economy of simplicity and generosity. We must seek a ‘green’ peace. […] Read More

Not only was Martin Luther King Jr. an effective preacher, but also a poet whose words shattered the settled reality of cruelty and hate and helped us see the hope of a new possibility through his vision of the beloved community. […] Read More

In the gospels we encounter stories that depict some churches all the time, and all churches some of the time. Consider Luke 10:38-42 – the story of Mary and Martha. Martha rightly seeks to be hospitable to Jesus, running around on the brink of insanity while Mary sits and listens to Jesus.   With a […] Read More

The United States has given the world the gift of noble concepts like democracy, and it has the potential to be a light to a hurting world. While appreciating what this country offers the rest of humanity, I refuse to worship this culture as though it were a god, incapable of doing any wrong. When […] Read More