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Imam Imad Enchassi survived a massacre led by Christian extremists in Beirut in 1982. A new short documentary from tells how mercy shaped the Oklahoma imam’s life. […] Read More

Often coffee breaks in our offices in Beirut allow time for reflection. Lately, I’ve been asking myself, “Why in the world did the Baptist missionaries found the Beirut Baptist School 60 years ago? Why did the Presbyterians start schools over 100 years ago in the Middle East region? Was their goal conversion of students to […] Read More

The Sorrow of Survival

The Krehs are a dear German family that lived and served with us for three years. They told me that people congratulated them on returning on time from Lebanon before the start of the war. Although this family is thankful to be safe in Germany, they felt much deep sorrow while watching the news of […] Read More

Lebanese Baptists withdrew relief teams Thursday from working with more than 760 mostly Shiite refugees sheltered at the Beirut Baptist School located in downtown Beirut due to air strikes. “Our people left BBS early today and could not continue what they were doing (offering Christian programs to refugees),” said Nabil Costa, head of Lebanese Baptists, in […] Read More

Lebanese refugees are increasing, civilians deaths are climbing and an Arab Baptist is speaking out as Israel and Hezbollah continue fighting. The Beirut Baptist School sheltered on Tuesday 760 Lebanese fleeing from the Israeli attacks, a sharp increase over the 450 displaced people housed at the school on Saturday. Nabil Costa, executive director of the […] Read More