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A short reflection on BBC’s Radio 2 about how small actions can make a big difference used the example of how significant it was for a young Desmond Tutu to see a white priest remove his hat in courtesy to his mother who was a domestic worker. Growing up under apartheid in South Africa, he […] Read More

It has been almost 34 years since the tragic deaths in Jonestown of nearly a thousand people, most by their own choice, under the control of a charismatic leader who had managed to exploit their vulnerabilities into an unconditional loyalty. So powerful was the impact of that event that its method has become a widely […] Read More

Our country and much of the world has expressed shock and horror at the verbal and physical treatment meted out to a 68-year-old grandmother and bus monitor in Greece, New York. Karen Klein tried to maintain her composure while her tormentors continued their assault. Many adults have reacted by sending her money as if a […] Read More