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Ticket prices are set to increase on May 31 for the annual ethics luncheon during the General Assembly of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, held this year in Fort Worth, Texas. Hosted by the Baptist Center for Ethics and the Christian Life Commission of the Baptist General Convention of Texas, the Thursday, June 21, luncheon will […] Read More

Have you ever noticed how often we are never satisfied? For instance, I enjoy working jigsaw puzzles and often have one in the works on a game table. I’ll walk past and think I’ll put in just one piece and be done, but it is rare for me to look for just that one piece. […] Read More

The parent company of – the Baptist Center for Ethics – observed its 20th anniversary this summer. Call it a very quiet celebration. We’ve said almost nothing about it on We’ve barely talked about it as a staff. We’ve had no party. Frankly, we’ve been too busy – too busy building on the […] Read More

The Ministers and Missionaries Benefit Board (MMBB) presented its first Century of Service Leadership Award to Robert Parham, executive director of the Baptist Center for Ethics and executive editor of, at BCE’s annual luncheon last week in Tampa, Fla. “Robert Parham’s strong example of leadership through service has changed thousands of person’s lives,” said […] Read More

This year the Baptist Center for Ethics – the parent organization of – will observe its 20th anniversary.   Our success challenges a religious myth that only conservative evangelicals can build vigorous organizations. Contrary to popular wisdom, a biblically based organization committed to the best of the Baptist tradition with a positive ecumenical spirit, […] Read More

The Baptist Center for Ethics will screen its forthcoming documentary on immigration at its annual luncheon scheduled for June 23 in Tampa, Fla., in conjunction with the general assembly of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. The currently untitled documentary will bring more light and less heat to the immigration issue, ranked as one of the most […] Read More

Speaking for God, the prophet Jeremiah wrote about a people who were so morally blind that they no longer knew how to blush. They were greedy. They were dishonest. They were superficially concerned about the brushed and battered among them. Jeremiah lamented: “For from the least to the greatest of them, everyone is greedy for […] Read More

How many goodwill Baptists and others of faith have invested their dollars this year in moral advocacy?   Not nearly enough.   Active people of faith support lots of good, nonprofit causes. Many do so sacrificially. Too few give to organizations that pursue social justice, speak up for the powerless, challenge the powerful and push […] Read More

One of the unmatched and undeserved blessings of my adult life is heading up and its parent organization, the Baptist Center for Ethics. Where I am is where I ought to be. And where I am is made possible by you – our readers, donors and customers.   A line from what is known […] Read More

Before her benediction at the Baptist Center for Ethics luncheon last week in Charlotte, N.C., Babs Baugh gave me a compliment with a twinkle in her eye. She said, “It’s good to be friends with the person everybody wants to hang first.”   Baugh, one of BCE’s board members, made her remarks after we surprised […] Read More