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Baylor University

Baylor University leaders say they love LGBTQ+ students yet continue to separate them from student life. While the love of Christ has no conditions, Baylor presents love to their queer students with an asterisk. […] Read More

You would like to think a university would rise up and take a courageous stand for human dignity and respect. Yet, despite public support, Baylor University leaders refuse to recognize an LGBTQ student group on campus. […] Read More

I was raped my freshman year at Baylor University. With my life turned upside down, the efforts of the religious community were fruitless. Instead, the Good Samaritans in my life, many of them gay or bisexual, modeled Christ’s love. […] Read More

Signed by over 3,000 Baylor students, faculty, staff and alumni, a petition asks the university to allow official LGBTQ student groups on campus. The question for Baylor officials is whether they will live by fear or by hope. […] Read More

A majority of U.S. adults don’t use the Internet to access spiritual or religious content, even though most believe the Internet exposes them to new perspectives. These are two findings in a Baylor University religion survey, “American Values, Mental Health and Using Technology in the Age of Trump,” which was released on Sept. 7. As […] Read More

Baylor University regents and advisory committee members cheapened Baptist church membership with their introduction of Ken Starr as the institution’s next president. One member of the group completely misrepresented the nature of Starr’s current church. All told, those who spoke watered down the definition of authentic church membership.   Introducing Starr, Dary Stone, chairman of […] Read More

During his time as independent counsel investigating the legality of President Bill Clinton’s Whitewater investments, Kenneth Starr, newly appointed president of Baylor University, often stood in the driveway of his home and gave pious lectures to newsmen hoping for information about the progress of his investigation. On camera, he would say things like, “There’s no […] Read More

My friends on the Baylor University board of regents are urging patient understanding from our Texas Baptist family concerning the appointment of Kenneth Starr as president of the university. The call to reason and patience – two clear scriptural virtues – is timely for those of us who are confused and dismayed by this appointment. […] Read More

As news began to surface that Baylor University was naming Kenneth Starr as the university’s 14th president, I found myself at a loss for words. And let’s face it: For a Baptist preacher, that’s saying something. Starr is currently dean of Pepperdine University’s Law School, but he rose to fame during the independent investigation into […] Read More

Herb Reynolds envisioned nine years ago a forerunner of the New Baptist Covenant, a 2008 gathering of Baptists in North America. The former Baylor University president called his vision the Baptist Convention of the Americas. Missing from the accolades in news stories about his death last week is one of the most important matters that […] Read More