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Baylor Scott and White Health

Any successful organization, especially a Christian one, must look beyond its own needs and agenda. When a hospital goes beyond its bottom-line concerns to address “outside” responsibilities, a transformation occurs. Christian hospitals obviously must operate with outstanding medical and business guidelines. But that’s not the whole story. The Christian hospital carries an even greater stewardship […] Read More

Lots of goodwill people are looking for ways to serve. Sometimes it just takes a small number of visionary leaders, along with adequate available resources, and people will jump in remarkable numbers to become effective conduits of service. For the fourth year in a row, employees of Baylor Scott & White Health in Dallas chose […] Read More

Christians have an ethical responsibility to follow through by presenting the results of a missional project in an honest and straightforward fashion. After all, we owe a debt of gratitude to those who catalyzed the projects with the sacrificial gifts. Lamentably, too many times a dribble of a report is supposed to satisfy the supporters […] Read More

The week of Sept. 21 was the week that the better angels of our nature were visibly – personally, corporately, globally – initiated by different houses in the faith community. Cliff Vaughn,’s media producer, and I traveled to Grand Rapids, Michigan, to do video interviews with Christian Reformed Church missionaries to Nigeria, who witnessed […] Read More

Don Sewell is’s pick as Baptist of the Year for 2014. He is the director of Faith in Action Initiatives (FIA) at Baylor Scott and White Health (BSWH) in Dallas, which has been shipping containers of medical supplies and equipment to trouble zones around the world. Sewell is representative of how a number of […] Read More

Baylor Health Care System, now Baylor Scott and White Health (BSWH), addresses local and international human rights issues as part of our corporate responsibility. CEO Joel Allison and our senior executive leadership team led the creation of Faith in Action Initiatives (FIAI) for this very purpose four years ago. Courage and foresight are required for […] Read More