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Barry Howard

Often perceived as the most resistant to change, churches have been putting into place new skills and practices as they respond to ‘shelter in place’ guidelines. After the COVID-19 crisis passes, here are 7 lessons we can take away. […] Read More

Clergy and other caring vocations are already more at risk for burnout and depression than other professions. With COVID-19 added to the mix, proactive self-care has become even more essential for ministers. […] Read More

During these days of quarantine or ‘physical distancing,’ all of our emotions are ‘all over the map’ during the COVID-19 crisis. Our emotional flow is like a four-way intersection, but the pandemic has turned off the traffic lights. […] Read More

Disruptive fear can affect our physical, emotional and spiritual health. As paralyzing fear over COVID-19 grips many in our nation and the world, these 5 practical suggestions can help you resist the temptation to succumb to fear. […] Read More

When your church searches for your next pastor, are you making a hire or extending a call? There are distinct differences. Vocational ministry is a unique calling. These 5 traits will help you establish a healthy call process. […] Read More

Your Advent journey goes beyond what happens at your church services. It’s a season to prepare your heart, mind and soul for the coming of Christ. Many ways exist to enrich your family’s Advent celebration. […] Read More

Stress, burnout and mental fatigue are causing even some of the most devout ministers to leave ministry. In particular, ministers must practice good mental health. These 5 areas will stress a pastor’s mental and emotional health. […] Read More

Like a wind powering a sailboat on the ocean, the Holy Spirit steers us toward a lifestyle of service and simplicity, keeps us grounded in grace and helps us navigate the diminishing and emerging expressions of church. […] Read More

Some folks weaponize, politicize and romanticize the Bible by cutting and pasting select verses. If you want to be a truly devoted follower of Jesus, read – or listen – to the entire Bible. And don’t skip the difficult passages. […] Read More

To bless your ministers and promote their health and well-being, you should encourage your pastor and ministerial staff to take at least one extra day off this week. In fact, insist on it. […] Read More