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Pastors who comprise Fellowship Southwest’s ministry to asylum-seekers along the U.S.-Mexico border spent almost two hours discussing their work with refugees while living in the shadow of COVID-19. […] Read More

Robert ‘Bob’ Stephenson passed away on March 20. A man with a great sense of justice and decency, Bob sought to keep Baptist institutions free and detested fundamentalism. Free and faithful Baptists owe him a debt of gratitude. […] Read More

Associate director, culture editor, managing editor and now media producer, Cliff Vaughn has held many roles during his 20 years at Baptist Center for Ethics. His wisdom and insight always promote civility and the common good. […] Read More

Never seeking the limelight, Wayne Martin began building interfaith bridges before it became fashionable to do. He passed away recently at age 85, leaving a legacy of healthy growth of a spirit of community across interfaith lines. […] Read More

Faith-based Christian healthcare organizations can exclude anyone with preexisting conditions from healthcare coverage and price gouge the sick and recovering with no consequence. Yet, who would Jesus insure? […] Read More

As they learn skills in management and leadership, Turkish Baptists are working together to make Christ known among needy people in Turkey and are dedicated to social work among Iranian and Syrian refugees. […] Read More

I dreamed I was at a denominational meeting, where male colleagues silenced and shamed me. When dreams reveal our deepest hurts and our deepest joys, perhaps these dreams are not dreams at all but visions of the divine. […] Read More

With peace elusive and a return home uncertain, South Sudanese Baptist refugees have been meeting the needs of their fellow refugees in neighboring countries, providing food, shelter and education for children and youth. […] Read More

While the tireless work of Texas Baptists to fend off conservative fundamentalists paid off for decades, it seems the Texas winds have changed. Conservative Baptists are inching closer to acting like the fundamentalists of old. […] Read More

First Baptist Church of Decatur, Georgia, was asked to leave the Atlanta Metro Baptist Association for ordaining a deacon who is gay. The association’s action diminishes, even dismisses, the depth, breadth and power of Jesus’ love. […] Read More