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Baptists of the Year’s board of directors announced the Baptist of the Year 2019 will be awarded to two amazing people. One for her work to combat Christian nationalism; the other for his ministry to immigrants at our southern border. […] Read More

Grief and joy bookended 2017 for me and the Baptist Center for Ethics / The first quarter of the year saw our staff building on the energy from the fall 2016 release of “The Disturbances” documentary DVD and companion book. Fifteen screenings in six states took place over the last four months of 2016, […] Read More

Ellen Di Giosia and First Baptist Church of Jefferson City, Tennessee, are the Baptist Center for Ethics’ pick as Baptists of the Year for 2017. Di Giosia and the church represent the best of the Baptist tradition. One readily sees in them hallmarks of the Baptist faith: embracing soul competency, practicing the priesthood of believers, […] Read More

Bill and Audrey Cowley are retired Southern Baptist missionaries. They showed remarkable creativity and courage during a time of tribal genocide in Nigeria in 1966. They also built through steady steps one of Africa’s transformative educational institutions. Neither story is widely known. Both stories represent the best of the mission enterprise. The first story is […] Read More

Baptists of the Year

Time Magazine has selected a man or woman as the person of the year since 1927. President Bush is the 2004 recipient. Past recipients have included Mohandas Gandhi in 1930, Adolf Hitler in 1938, Joseph Stalin in 1939, Lyndon Johnson in 1967 and Pope John Paul II in 1994. Three Baptists have been recipients: Martin […] Read More