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There is little doubt we are experiencing a moment of heightened racial tension. The easy access of video recording has unveiled multiple instances of police violence as well as acts of overt racism that many of our brothers and sisters experience daily. White supremacists marching in Charlottesville and anti-immigrant rhetoric of the political primary season […] Read More

The style of proclamation is essential when preaching to confront racism, according to William Willimon, a U.S. theologian and bishop in the United Methodist Church. “What is said by the preacher may not be as important as how it is said. Style, the manner of presentation, tone, the demeanor and intentions of the speaker are […] Read More

The Southern Baptist Convention saw its membership grow by 479 churches in 2016. While that represents a 1.02 percent increase, most other categories tracked by the convention saw a decrease. Weekly average worship attendance declined by 6.75 percent, baptisms by 4.89 percent, total denominational membership by 0.51 percent and associations by 0.26 percent. Other areas […] Read More

Any successful organization, especially a Christian one, must look beyond its own needs and agenda. When a hospital goes beyond its bottom-line concerns to address “outside” responsibilities, a transformation occurs. Christian hospitals obviously must operate with outstanding medical and business guidelines. But that’s not the whole story. The Christian hospital carries an even greater stewardship […] Read More

Short-term mission teams are often criticized. Those who question this approach can cite plenty of evidence: projects left undone, harmful things said or done by volunteers, concepts of superiority and privilege that ooze from team members, undue stress created when demands of the volunteers exceed the capacities of the receiver, and on and on the […] Read More

The United Nations General Assembly established March 22 as World Water Day in 1933 to promote the wise stewardship of this most precious natural resource. The theme for 2017 is wastewater, but, with a twist, we can make the theme even more meaningful by urging everyone not to waste water or the opportunity to use […] Read More

Christian schools in Israel “are at risk of collapsing financially,” said Abdel Masih Fahim, general secretary of The Office of Christian Schools in Israel, in a May 23 statement. There are currently “47 Christian Schools in Israel owned by Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican, Church of Scotland, Christ Church and Baptist Churches … [that] consist of 33,000 […] Read More

Baptists occupy a rare space in the public square for a fortuitous challenge in 2016. Heated opposition to the resettlement of Syrian refugees, swelling desire to ban all Muslims from entering the U.S., and exasperation over the global persecution and killing of Christian minorities in Islamic and Buddhist majority countries boil over in the public […] Read More

Donald Trump made a number of hate-filled and inaccurate comments about Muslims, and proposed some extreme policies on the back of those comments. This came to our attention in the United Kingdom because one of the things he claimed, entirely erroneously, was that parts of London were so radicalized that they had become no-go areas […] Read More

Cuban Baptists underscored the Bible’s role in their work and recalled a Baptist leader of the Cuban Revolution during the 40th anniversary celebrations of the Coordination of Baptist Workers and Students in Cuba (COEBAC). Some Cubans leave the island nation for opportunities abroad, while others stay but avoid involvement in public matters. Those participating in […] Read More