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Baptist Union of Great Britain

If churches are serious about really welcoming, really including, they will have to find a way to communicate a welcome that reaches out to “others” who have learned long ago they are not welcome. […] Read More

Diversity and inclusion built strength and resilience in the early church, threatening political and social powers. Today, the church is increasingly known for accepting some and rejecting others. It’s not what we’re called to be. […] Read More

Yinka Oyekan, senior pastor of The Gate, a Baptist church in Reading, England, has been elected president of the Baptist Union of Great Britain for 2020-21. […] Read More

While the number of women applying for and exercising accredited ministry in Great Britain has steadily grown, many never set out to explore God’s calling of them. But the time for change has surely come. […] Read More

Arguing that women bring complementary gifts and styles to that of men continues to define women’s ministry in relation to men. Women should be in ministry simply because God calls them to be there. […] Read More

Baptists in the United Kingdom learned how Baptists in Lebanon have responded to the refugee crisis during the Baptist Union of Great Britain’s annual assembly on May 14. A video featuring the story of Ali, a taxi driver from Aleppo, was shown during the assembly. His family was “happy, quite well off,” he said, “then […] Read More

Evangelism is “goodnewsing” – getting on with life in such a way that people have a chance to discover Jesus for themselves. It involves being, doing and speaking, which should always be held together. It is an essential aspect of Christian discipleship, but this doesn’t mean that evangelism always has to be the thing at […] Read More

Jesus seemed to think that evangelism was an important part of being a disciple. He told Simon and Andrew that to follow him would mean fishing for people. He told those of his friends who stuck with him in Jerusalem that when he sent the Holy Spirit, they would end up being his witnesses. According […] Read More

I visited the Calais Jungle in early March with Lynn Green, general secretary of the Baptist Union of Great Britain. The goal was to help her see what was happening and give her some insight into the work I and some colleagues (notably Juliet Kilpin, a Baptist minister and coordinator of Urban Expression) are doing […] Read More

Baptist leaders have expressed alarm and dismay at the recent news stories of the treatment of refugees and migrants on European borders. The news that Macedonian authorities have responded with tear gas to a break at their border with Greece is echoed in scenes from the camp in Calais, France. That’s where people are being […] Read More