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How can your church foster a more welcoming environment toward disabled people? Friendship has the potential to enable greater participatory inclusion of disabled people within Baptist church communities. […] Read More

Welcoming and including disabled people in your church building requires more than adding wheelchair ramps and removing a few pews. It involves the actions and attitudes of your members toward disabled people. […] Read More

If churches are serious about really welcoming, really including, they will have to find a way to communicate a welcome that reaches out to “others” who have learned long ago they are not welcome. […] Read More

Diversity and inclusion built strength and resilience in the early church, threatening political and social powers. Today, the church is increasingly known for accepting some and rejecting others. It’s not what we’re called to be. […] Read More

In society and church, our desire to measure and value everything in monetary terms always takes us down the path of dehumanization and idolatry. As people of a gracious God, do we know the most important things in life are free? […] Read More

A free, newly launched animated film helps Christians around the world recognize the human cost of a changing climate, and its particular impact on poor and vulnerable women and children. […] Read More

While many Christians have a heart for the poor and are happy to give money to projects or to volunteer, not many are prepared to live among them. Here are 2 reasons why it’s imperative. […] Read More

Following the Easter attack on a children’s park in Pakistan, the Religious Liberty Commission (RLC) of the Evangelical Alliance is calling on the British government to act immediately to enshrine freedom of religion or belief in all United Kingdom foreign policy. More than 70 people were killed on Easter Sunday by a suicide bomber linked […] Read More

Major churches in the United Kingdom are warning that the government’s Welfare Reform and Work Bill marks a dangerous shift away from a core principle of the welfare state and will make poor people even poorer. A YouGov survey commissioned by the churches has also revealed that 61 percent of U.K. adults believe that welfare […] Read More

To leave people in such an inhuman place is a scandal, whatever one’s views on immigration. That was the response of Sam King, pastor of Calne Baptist Church in Wiltshire, United Kingdom, who recently saw the shocking conditions at the Calais refugee camp on the northern coast of France. Around 4,000 people are there, including […] Read More