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Baptist Times Staff

Young adults who are engaged in church are more likely to say they are optimistic about the future, secure in who they are, able to accomplish their goals and have someone who believes in them, a Barna report says. […] Read More

More than 3 million families in the United Kingdom are likely to cut back on food so they can pay their energy bills this winter. And more than half of the 5 million families that are likely to turn their heating down because of the cost are worried that their children will become ill as […] Read More

People who regularly visit a place of worship are less likely to be involved in low-level crime and delinquency, according to new research. The project, led by University of Manchester doctoral student Mark Littler, involved the analysis of new survey data and in-depth interviews with young members of the United Kingdom’s major faiths. Mixing with […] Read More

Pressure on Christians intensified in a number of countries in 2013, with the situation deteriorating most rapidly across northern Africa, the Middle East and the Gulf in countries where sectarian violence has advanced unchecked by impotent central governments. The findings are contained in the Open Doors 2014 World Watch List, the only annual global survey […] Read More

New psychological research suggests that employees who are more actively religious are better able to cope with stress and are more likely to report that their lives have meaning. These are the key findings of a study presented on Jan. 9 at the annual conference of the British Psychological Society’s Division of Occupational Psychology in […] Read More

The “Fab Church Challenge” aims to encourage churches in the United Kingdom to become “donor churches” and equip them as long-term advocates of donation by providing practical tools to help them donate together, talk about donation and raise awareness in their communities. The FleshandBlood campaign recently launched the challenge. This latest stage of the campaign […] Read More

Churches across England and Wales are being invited to get to know their local prison. The invitation comes from the organizers of this year’s national “Prisons Week,” who are encouraging more volunteers to support plans in their local prison and with prisoners’ families. This year’s Prisons Week began Nov. 17 and concludes Nov. 23. The […] Read More

The situation in Syria is tragic, but the small Christian community in the region is sharing God’s love with thousands of refugees. So says Nabil Costa, the executive director of the Lebanese Baptist Society (LSESD) and a BMS World Mission trustee. Costa was in the United Kingdom last week as a guest of the charity, […] Read More

Organizations and partners representing millions of people across the globe have issued an open letter challenging the world’s government, financial institutions and church leaders to act decisively and quickly on corruption, one of the main causes of global poverty today, and to include the poor in the creation of a fairer system for all. Exposed, […] Read More

There is a need for urgent global action to avert global warning. That’s the view of a number of international development charities following the publication of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report. The IPCC report says scientists are now 95 percent certain that human activity is driving climate change, up from 90 percent […] Read More