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Baptist Times of Great Britain

Religion really can significantly improve your physical and mental well-being, new research has shown. In a compilation and comparison of 139 academic studies into the links between religion and well-being, Christian think tank Theos has shown there is now “overwhelming” evidence of a positive correlation between what people believe and how this affects both their […] Read More

It’s been the focus of much coverage this summer, but beyond the headlines what’s life like for those living in the Calais “jungle,” a makeshift migrant camp near the French coastal city? And is there anything those moved by the unfolding humanitarian situation a few miles from the United Kingdom’s shores can do to help? […] Read More

It’s 8 a.m. on a densely crowded Bangladesh street. Thousands of workers are refusing to enter their place of work, an eight-story factory housing five textile businesses. Alarming cracks have appeared in the walls, and people fear for their safety. The owner, ignoring the fears of the workers, hires men with sticks to beat the […] Read More

It was getting late but Linda decided to try another hotel. Maybe she would have success with this one. She spoke to someone at the reception desk. They barely looked up before dismissing her, “No, we don’t have any jobs available.” Linda left, disheartened. She found a doorway and spent the rest of the night […] Read More

The Archbishop of Canterbury has called on politicians, the church and the media to speak out against the “creeping climate of fear and animosity” at the launch of a new partnership to address the growing problem of violence against Christians worldwide. The Religious Liberty Commission (RLC), launched at Westminster in central London on Feb. 4, […] Read More

The European Baptist Federation (EBF) has challenged Russian and Ukrainian Baptist leaders to issue a joint statement calling for peace while acknowledging their differences. The appeal comes from EBF general secretary Tony Peck and EBF president Otniel Bunaciu in response to a statement issued by Russian Baptists to coincide with the visit of Secretary of […] Read More

The Council of Europe has adopted a new resolution calling for more acceptance of religious pluralism. The council is a human rights organization that promotes cooperation between European countries and “advocates freedom of expression and of the media, freedom of assembly, equality and the protection of minorities.” The council’s European Court of Human Rights enforces […] Read More

A hundred years ago this August, the world sunk into the dark trauma of World War I—a conflict so costly and all-consuming that no one could be left untouched by its shadow. Millions of lives were cut short, and millions more scarred by the experience of battle. So inevitably, through this summer and beyond, there […] Read More

Congregations have a new online resource to help them reflect and act on the issue of human trafficking. The recently launched Freedom Sunday resource pack has been created by the Joint Public Issues Team of Baptists Together (the Baptist Union of Great Britain), the Methodist and United Reformed Churches with a host of other churches […] Read More

Pro-Russian separatists are increasingly targeting evangelical Christians in eastern Ukraine—beating, torturing and even killing them. Such has been the escalation of attacks in recent months in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Evangelical leaders have issued a statement calling out religious persecution and calling on the international community to prevent the situation from worsening even more. The […] Read More