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Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty

Taking on some of the most difficult issues between LGBT rights and some faith communities, a new book helps frame civil dialogue and finds guiding principles to mediate conflicts. […] Read More

Although public schools do not advance religion nor are they hostile to it, many misconceptions exist about religion in public schools. Here are five ways America’s public schools protect everyone’s religious liberty. […] Read More

The proposed tax plan drafted by the GOP in the House of Representatives contains a provision that would repeal the so-called “Johnson Amendment,” the Baptist Joint Committee says. […] Read More’s board of directors met at the First Baptist Church of Washington, D.C., to hear about the energetic start to R. Mitch Randall’s tenure as executive director of the 27-year-old organization. […] Read More

The U.S. Supreme Court today hears arguments in the first legal challenge to President Bush’s creation of White House and cabinet offices for faith-based initiatives. The Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation filed a lawsuit in 2004 claiming the president’s program violates the First Amendment by giving faith-based organizations preferred positions in qualifying to receive federal […] Read More

Mr. Carter doesn’t quote a whole bunch of Scripture when he makes a speech. But as you listen to his speeches, you get the feeling that Scripture has shaped and molded his thinking. The prevailing application of the establishment clause has led many to believe that their “free exercise thereof” has been violated. In other […] Read More