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Baptist Foundation of Arizona

A third former Baptist Foundation of Arizona official was sentenced to prison Friday for his role in a half-billion-dollar affinity fraud. Donald Dale Deardoff, 49, the BFA’s former treasurer, received four years in prison and was ordered to pay $159 million in restitution to 11,000 investors who lost money when the Foundation went bankrupt in […] Read More

Two former Baptist Foundation of Arizona executives were sentenced to prison Friday and ordered to pay $159 million in restitution in a fraud case involving what is thought to be the largest non-profit bankruptcy in the nation’s history. William Crotts, the foundation’s ex-president, was sentenced to eight years for fraud and seven years for illegally […] Read More

A sixth defendant in the Baptist Foundation of Arizona criminal trial pleaded guilty Tuesday to felony charges of fraudulent schemes and artifices. According to terms of a plea bargain proposed by prosecutors, former BFA board member Lawrence Dwain Hoover could be sentenced to between three and 12.5 years in prison and agrees to pay a […] Read More

Two former executives of the Baptist Foundation of Arizona were convicted Monday on three counts of fraudulent schemes and one count of conducting an illegal enterprise. But a jury found them innocent on 23 counts of theft, saying they didn’t intend to steal from investors but got in over their heads and tried to cover […] Read More

Jurors in the Baptist Foundation of Arizona fraud trial are on a two-week break, following a week of deliberations in the longest and most expensive criminal trial in Arizona history. Jury deliberations in the 10-month trial began June 28. Friday afternoon Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Kenneth Fields granted a recess until June 17 to […] Read More

Arizona’s assistant attorney general said Monday in closing arguments that neither defendant in the 10-month Baptist Foundation of Arizona fraud trial committed their crime for money. William Pierre Crotts, the BFA’s former president and CEO, lied to 11,000 investors about the foundation’s true financial condition “out of pride,” prosecutor Don Conrad said in his argument […] Read More

Nearly nine months of testimony ended Friday in the trial of two former Baptist Foundation of Arizona officials on trial for felony fraud, when the defense rested its case. Closing arguments by lawyers are scheduled June 19-20, followed by jury deliberations. Jury selection for the case, over what prosecutors call one of the largest affinity […] Read More

Prosecutors rested their case against two former Baptist Foundation of Arizona officials on trial for felony charges last Wednesday. The trial resumes Tuesday, when lawyers for William Pierre Crotts and Thomas Dale Grabinski begin their defense. Crotts, former president and CEO of the now-defunct Foundation, and Grabinski, who was general counsel and vice president, are […] Read More

Controversy broke out on the 87th day of the Baptist Foundation of Arizona fraud trial, when a witness said he had previously lied under oath, an admission that by law should have been disclosed to defense lawyers but wasn’t, prompting them to ask for a mistrial. Donald Deardoff, a witness who in 2001 pleaded guilty […] Read More

All eyes are on Houston this week, as jury selection gets underway for the long-awaited criminal trials of former Enron leaders Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling on charges of corporate fraud. Meanwhile in Phoenix, another trial with many similarities quietly entered its 17th week. The first in a string of corporate scandals, Enron came to […] Read More