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Baptist Faith and Message

Baptist leaders claim they have no authority over autonomous churches to police clergy who sexually abuse children. When they hide behind the false wall of local church autonomy, they protect the predators. […] Read More

Scheduled for release on Oct. 1, a report will give the public a long overdue snapshot of female clergy across a wide spectrum of Christian denominations and traditions. […] Read More

One reason I am a moderate Baptist is to avoid creedalism. Let me define that – as it is meant by my fellow moderate Baptists (and some others). To me, to us, “creedalism” is the elevation of some extrabiblical statement of belief to a status equal with Scripture itself – authoritative beyond doubt, mental reservation, […] Read More

I learned recently, somewhat to my surprise, that I’m not a Baptist. The surprise came because I’m an ordained Baptist minister, a graduate of a Baptist seminary, the son of a Baptist pastor, the grandson of a Baptist pastor and I have 31 years of experience in Baptist life. I learned the hard way, though, […] Read More

The Southern Baptist Convention International Mission Board has censured a trustee for writing about trustee business in a Web log that board leaders said reflected poorly on fellow board members and violated a policy requiring trustees to speak only in “positive and supportive” terms about actions of the board. A motion passed in executive session […] Read More

The annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention continues today in San Antonio, Texas. I am writing in Augusta, Ga., and I’m OK with that. Oh, I’d like to visit San Antonio again. It’s a beautiful city, and the Riverwalk is everything it’s reputed to be. But I chose not to attend the SBC this […] Read More

The Southern Baptist Convention on Tuesday previewed new fault lines developing between factions for exclusivity and accommodation in America’s largest Protestant religious body. Tuesday night messengers in San Antonio, Texas, debated whether to allow trustee boards to adjudicate doctrines left unsettled by the 2000 Baptist Faith & Message. “If the Baptist Faith & Message is […] Read More

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary filed a motion April 9 asking a judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed a month earlier claiming gender discrimination. Sheri Klouda, now a professor at Taylor University in Upland, Ind., sued in U.S. District Court in Fort Worth, Texas, March 8. Claiming she was let go from her position as a […] Read More

Despite purging “liberalism” from the Southern Baptist Convention through the “conservative resurgence” of the 1980s and 1990s, today’s Baptist witness is “besieged,” “under assault” and faces “potentially debilitating challenges” from within, a conservative scholar warned in a recent white paper. Malcolm Yarnell, associate professor of systematic theology at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, warned that the […] Read More

A Baptist church in Georgia pulled out of its association Monday after the group overwhelmingly adopted a faith statement banning women as pastors. According to news reports, Floyd County Baptist Association in Rome, Ga., voted 428-130 to declare the 2000 Baptist Faith & Message as its doctrinal statement, capping a five-month debate over women’s ordination. […] Read More