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One of the great joys of my work is the opportunity to worship with a great variety of faith communities from varying denominational traditions. Some are liturgically oriented, while others chafe at the mention of the word “liturgical.” Some rock out with a praise band with multiple singers leading music, while others have a fit […] Read More

In my short career, I’ve come across a lot of loaded words, but the word worship has been one of the most difficult to define. Everyone is looking for a church that really worships, that really knows how to praise God. We don’t know exactly what worship is, but we are always very quick to […] Read More

Anne Lamott infamously said, “The most powerful sermon in the world are the words ‘me too.'” I read those words once – I also read them in Rob Bell’s book “Velvet Elvis,” which is fitting because I recently found myself settling into a packed pew to hear Lamott on a book tour for her latest […] Read More

“These people who have been turning the world upside down have come here also.” – Description/criticism of Christian disciples in Thessalonica, as recorded in Acts 17:6 Read the Bible lately? The story is one of twists, turns, nomadic movements and heroic deeds. All this happens even before Jesus, a central character, shows up. Then Jesus […] Read More

How can others who cannot peek inside your heart, glance inside your mind or scan your soul know for sure that you are a follower of Jesus? What is the primary evidence of your credibility and authenticity? According to John 13:35, your Christian identity is best revealed in the way you love others: “This is […] Read More

I live in that region of the United States dubbed the Bible Belt. In my county, there are more than 100 churches of various denominations and various sizes.   All of them are part of the wider Christian tradition, which is unfortunate for it makes us somewhat monolithic in our religious understanding. However, this variety […] Read More

In my last article, I described four misconceptions we often have about being Christian witnesses. As I stated, these are beliefs and methods that many well-meaning believers practice that, in my opinion, are misguided and do not authentically represent what it means to bear witness of Christ’s love to the world. But if these misconceptions […] Read More