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Australian Baptist Convention

Who are you wearing? Or, perhaps a better question: Are you wearing ethical clothing? Baptist World Aid Australia is urging consumers to check their fashion brands to ensure their clothes are ethical. […] Read More

There are costs for the goods we consume beyond what we pay at checkout. The hidden costs not reflected in the price tag on clothing items we purchase – including working conditions, wages, treatment of workers and environmental impacts – are explored in the fifth edition of Baptist World Aid Australia’s (BWAA) annual ethical fashion […] Read More

What is the cost of clothing? Not simply, what is the price paid at the register, but what is the human cost to produce them? What is “the story behind the barcode”? These questions are at the heart of a newly released Ethics Fashion Guide, now in its fourth year of publication, produced by Baptist […] Read More

Fashion companies have improved oversight of fabric producers but remain largely ignorant of raw materials sources and labor conditions, according to a Baptist World Aid Australia investigation of 87 companies and 308 brands. “In 2013, 41 percent of companies had engaged in some effort to know their input suppliers (e.g., where their fabric is produced), […] Read More