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Bart Campolo’s story is well-known. Confronted with his own mortality following a 2011 bike crash that left him with a severe concussion, Bart – the son of evangelical icon Tony Campolo – left behind his Christian faith and nearly three decades of frontline urban ministry to become a secular humanist. Tony and Bart Campolo’s recent […] Read More

When Friedrich Nietzsche declared that “God is dead,” he added this question: “What kind of a sponge does it take to wipe away a whole horizon?” I often ask that question because just in my own lifetime there has been an unprecedented decline in the number of people who go to church regularly and, more […] Read More

Do all atheists deny the same God? “Atheism” literally means, “without belief in God.” However, it has come to refer to denial of the existence of God to distinguish it from “agnosticism,” which is denial of knowledge of God. Atheism affirms that God does not exist; atheists claim to know that or at least strongly […] Read More

Why are people who show most evidence of firmly believing in and being committed to God not taken more seriously by atheists? There are many noted people who made significant life changes because of what they resolutely believed was a direct experience of God. Within the Christian tradition, a hastily made “top 10” list would […] Read More

I have read many newspaper columns complaining that atheists are unjustly discriminated against when they are excluded by nonchurch organizations, such as Alcoholics Anonymous and the Boy Scouts. Two specific cases come to mind. First, a few years ago a high school senior wrote a guest column about applying to join “Up with People” (UWP), […] Read More

Morality is defined by the character of God, Tanya Walker said at Catalyst Live. An atheistic view of morality creates problems that even atheists recognize, Walker told Catalyst Live in Sheffield and Reading, England. Walker, who is an apologist with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries Europe, said that without belief in God, there is no such […] Read More

It’s a curious thing that the first Christians were called atheists. Obviously, that wasn’t because they didn’t believe in the existence of any god; it was because they didn’t believe in the existence of any of the Roman gods. The earliest Christians confessed that Jesus, and only Jesus, was Lord. It was the “only” part […] Read More

American Atheists want religion out of the public square. Religion, after all, has “no place in politics” for it is “sheer silliness.” So says the group American Atheists. To advance their agenda at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., American Atheists has purchased billboard space slamming Christianity. A billboard shows a likeness of Jesus […] Read More

Atheists and Christians will offer competing agendas about the role of religion in the public square when the Democratic National Convention meets in Charlotte, N.C., in early September. “Religion is silly and religion has components that are inherently divisive… There is no place for any of that in the political system,” said David Silverman, president […] Read More

Notice: This is an alert, not a review. Repeat: This is an alert, not a review. In our sights this week – they would be hard to miss – are notices of Alain de Botton’s “Religion for Atheists: A Non-Believer’s Guide to the Uses of Religion.” The ethic of reviewers demands that they will at […] Read More