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“World Magazine” senior editor Marvin Olasky says Pat Robertson’s call for the murder of a Latin American leader doesn’t represent evangelicals, but that the Bible would condone assassination during a time of war. “Biblically, assassination may be used in times of war,” Olasky said Tuesday on MSBNC. “Last time I looked we were not at […] Read More

Religious leaders on Tuesday denounced religious broadcaster Pat Robertson for saying United States operatives should assassinate Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Monday’s “700 Club” broadcast on the Christian Broadcasting Network profiled the socialist president of the oil-rich Latin American nation, comparing him to Fidel Castro. Chavez has accused the United States of trying to assassinate him […] Read More

Pat Robertson, founder and host of the “700 Club,” demonstrated this past week just how far right wing Christianity has drifted from the teachings of Jesus. During a recent telecast, Robertson said that he believes the United States should assassinate Hugo Chavez, the president of Venezuela. The remark came during one of Robertson’s characteristic tirades. […] Read More