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Arab Baptist Theological Seminary

Many developments have happened in academia in recent decades, which can help develop a theology of Islam far more gracious than Christians have traditionally held and assumed. One such event will be held in June. […] Read More

A conference led by the Institute of Middle East Studies brings together Christian workers from all over the world each June to learn more about Islam and the Middle East. […] Read More

I lift my eyes from the modern 21st century Middle East to immemorial antiquity, where two women are performing on the stage of history. Ruth the Moabite and Naomi the Israelite are crossing the desert back to Judah from Moab for they have heard that the famine has come to an end and God is […] Read More

The Supreme Council of the Evangelical Community in Syria and Lebanon has issued a “state of emergency,” hoping “to preserve what remains of the Christian–and moderate non-Christian–presence in the East, and to circumvent its complete demise.” They stated that “the issue of Christian presence in the Middle East has gone beyond the state of calling […] Read More

We have heard about the atrocities, the thousands of Christians displaced and the ancient churches being destroyed by Islamic State (IS). Is this a temporary battle that U.S. firepower will help win or are we witnessing the end of Christianity in Iraq? “The history of the church in Iraq has been of persecution from the […] Read More

A Turkish theologian and a friend of mine describes the theologies that frequently govern the ministry of churches serving in a majority non-Christian context like ours at Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS) in Beirut, Lebanon. The first is a theology of retreat, where churches function in survival mode, just wanting to be left alone. That’s […] Read More

How can the effectiveness of a theological seminary be assessed? Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS) recently hosted a conference organized by Overseas Council, where this question was asked. It has often been assumed that seminaries train pastors to preach, teach and counsel church members and manage church affairs. Their curriculum reflects this and the “success” […] Read More

Syrian refugees present an abundance of humanitarian and economic challenges to Lebanon – all well recognized by the global community. Unrecognized is the challenge they present to Lebanese churches. “The number of registered refugees from Syria is approaching 1 million and could grow to 1.6 million at the end of 2014 if current trends continue,” […] Read More

For nearly 10 years (1991-99), the country of Algeria was plunged into a horrific civil war. The brutality was unimaginable as an estimated 60,000 to 200,000 people were killed. Ironically, few in the Western world were aware of what was happening until Cistercian monks living in northern Algeria were massacred in 1996. They had been […] Read More

Despite a year of political instability and strife, Baptists in Lebanon are proceeding this week with an annual conference aimed at bringing Christians from North America, Europe and the Arab world together to better understand Islam and the Middle East. Sponsored by Arab Baptist Theological Seminary, the fourth annual Middle East Conference is underway June […] Read More