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When Anne Lamott was expecting her son, Sam, she realized how much she feared that she would be unable to provide adequately for his needs.  She remembered that, during her own childhood, her parents were so cheap that they didn’t keep Band-Aids in the house. When Anne would fall and scrape her knee, there was nothing […] Read More

One of the wonderful conversations in C S Lewis’ “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” is when Mr. Beaver speaks of Aslan, describing the Lion as “the King of the wood, the son of the great emperor-beyond-the-sea and the King of the Beasts.” Mrs. Beaver joins in to say that “anyone who can stand […] Read More

I’m finding myself in a liminal space, reflecting as I gear up for another semester of marriage, school, ministry, recruiting, traveling, speaking, learning, preaching and pastoring. And I’m noticing a trend – it’s difficult to live out of my “best” self.  In other words, the rat race of life, scheduling, recruiting and preaching break me […] Read More

Anyone feeling anxious? A better question: Anyone not feeling anxious? God’s people in the 21st century suffer a serious malady. We mouth the words of faithfulness while we live lives dominated by anxiety and frustration. For every time we parrot “God is good, all the time, and all the time God is good,” there are […] Read More

A sermon delivered by Howard Batson, pastor, First Baptist Church, Amarillo, Texas, on January 30, 2011. Philippians 4:1-9 It often happens at the end of Paul’s letters, perhaps he’s running out of parchment, perhaps he’s running out of time, perhaps he wants to tie up all the remaining issues nicely and neatly for his readers. […] Read More

Strong and Tender

A sermon delivered by Keith Herron, Pastor of Holmeswood Baptist Church, Kansas City, Mo., on Feb. 28, 2010.   Luke 13:31-35   Read this text with a sharp eye on the imagery it evokes and it’s hard not to notice how the animal world is featured in this story. Admittedly it’s all words and dialogue […] Read More

In the prelude to “A Hidden Wholeness,” Parker Palmer offers a powerful metaphor for life in local churches today. He tells of a time when farmers on the Great Plains, at the first sign of a blizzard, would run a rope from the back door out to the barn. They all knew stories of people […] Read More

For some people, 2009 was a genuinely difficult year. I’m thinking of 10 individuals whom I will not name but will describe. All are, or have been, friends in local congregations. You certainly could make up your own list. One is a recent college graduate who has sent out more than 100 resumes to date […] Read More

Sermon delivered by Howard Baston, pastor of First Baptist Church in Amarillo, T.X., on Mar. 15 2009. Luke 12:22-34 What keeps you up at night? What gnaws away at your soul? What forces you to toss and turn like a fish flopping on the river bank, trying to make it back to the security of the water? What do […] Read More

President Bush is about to face some tough questions concerning the war in Iraq. The fact that the United States has been unable to locate any weapons of mass destruction has created concern for many people, including those who supported the war. It is inappropriate to begin bashing the president, however. If there are questions […] Read More