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Talk of changing a zoning code that prevents some Amish families from keeping horses has turned from a local spat into a religious-freedom issue. The three supervisors of Walker Township, Pa., heard arguments from townspeople and Amish folk about the zoning law that prohibits horses on properties under a certain size, according to the Pittsburgh […] Read More

Amish in Michigan are battling to preserve their religious beliefs and practices, as a health agency tries to force several Amish families to install septic systems. “The Amish, who call themselves the Plain People, generally shun modern conveniences such as electrical service, telephones, cars, indoor bathrooms and septic systems,” according to the First Amendment Center. […] Read More

The picture many have of the Amish is of agrarian simplicity – of horse-drawn plows and harrows slicing the fertile loam. But skyrocketing land prices and other anti-farming influences have forced the Amish to seek different forms of livelihood to make ends meet – not only to keep their lives off the grid of modern […] Read More

We tend to think that certain people are immune to the disarray that characterizes, for most of us, the landslide of modern society. This immunity is comforting proof that, even after 9/11, a few sacred symbols remain that are resistant to tarnish and taint. Though they are probably tired of such bothersome freight, the Old […] Read More

It all began in 1968, when three Amishmen – quiet farmers who lived near New Glarus, Wis. – were arrested and convicted for refusing to send their children to a public high school, as required by compulsory education laws. Each was fined $5, but the matter did not rest there. Before it was over, Jonas […] Read More

Amish Baptism

The Radical Reformation, which occurred alongside Luther and Calvin’s reforms during the 16th century, produced a number of new religious groups. These groups were called “radical reformers” because they adopted the beliefs of other reformers and then took those beliefs further. They preached that believers should separate themselves from secular activities, that church and state […] Read More