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Each day we are required to make a variety of moral decisions, and exposure to ethical theories can deepen our practice of Christian discipleship. Two major ethical streams are egoism and altruism, as I explained previously. Both ethical streams, the egoist and the altruist, are found in the Christian Scriptures, as revealed by Paul’s divergent […] Read More

Each day we are required to make a variety of moral decisions. The way we analyze different options is often based on intuition shaped by experience, family backgrounds, culture and faith traditions. For Christians, ethics is part of our commitment to follow Jesus into a broken world. We live in an age in which the […] Read More

Lessons From the Storms

Altruism vs. egoism was a much-debated topic among ethicists, philosophers and social scientists some 40-plus years ago when I first began seriously studying ethics. The issue was whether ordinary people performing loving acts were motivated by love of others or by self-interest. In more recent times the sociobiology of W. O. Wilson seems to have […] Read More