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The WOA principle – an ethical system rooted in care and concern for the biblical triad of widows, orphans and aliens – drives the mission of Jesus. He constantly moves to meet people on the margins of the social world of Galilee and Judea. The lack of direct references to widows, orphans and aliens as […] Read More

Christians need to adopt a WOA approach to ethics. WOA is an awkward acronym that represents the biblical triad of widows, orphans and aliens – WOA. These social groups represented women, men and children that existed on the margins of their communities. They struggled daily for dignity and survival. The quality of care provided to […] Read More

Religious folk of nearly every stripe have something to say about cloning. The Raelian Movement is no exception. Founded by a Frenchman named Claude Vorilhon, the Raelian Movement is “the world’s largest UFO related, non-profit organisation,” according to Raelians believe “life on earth was created scientifically in laboratories by extraterrestrials whose name (ELOHIM) is […] Read More