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Alex Smirnov

Among several belt-tightening measures, First Baptist Church of Dalton instituted a spending freeze, assuming that year-end stock gifts and other profit-sharing donations will come in below last year’s metrics. The church’s staff has been asked to carry out missions on a low-cost or no-cost basis, and to look for cost recovery everywhere they can. As […] Read More

As federal regulators and corporate executives nationwide pull all-nighters in efforts to reign in the snowballing financial crisis, pastors and fundraising professionals wonder what impact the crisis will have on their ability to do God’s work. A quick polling of pastors by shows that while the prevailing long-term sentiment is that “this too shall […] Read More

Among hundreds of Web pages on suicide prevention, the message is eerily common: Friends and relatives of suicide victims often miss the warning sings due to lack of knowledge about how to react. Over the past few years, many professional and grassroots organizations have set out to fill the information gap with suicide prevention materials, […] Read More

When it comes to teen sex education, the worst mistake parents can make is delaying the “Big Talk.” “Be clear about your own sexual values and attitudes. Talk with your children early and often about sex, and be specific,” are the first among the top 10 tips for parents offered by the National Campaign to […] Read More

Ethical speech advocates said pledging to avoid gossip one hour a day can make this world a better place. Launched by New York religious writer Irwin Katsof on Sept. 4 last year, the Words Can Heal campaign is running a series of public service ads in national newspapers, on CNN, ABC, NBC and FOX, along […] Read More

A private Florida foundation uses European celebrities to promote a 20-year-old evangelical text in Germany, raising concerns among the nation’s clerics. The Prince of Prussia, a soccer player, a women’s magazine editor and the British pop singer Cliff Richard began endorsing Power for Living in print, on billboards, television and radio last December. Tens of […] Read More

A Des Moines, Iowa, Internet company is petitioning President Bush and the U.S. Congress to add “God Bless America” as a national hymn to honor the Sept. 11 tragic events. Known as the unofficial American national anthem, Irving Berlin’s song has gained renewed popularity following the terrorist attacks. Through e-mail referrals, links Internet users […] Read More

Pope John Paul II convened leaders of various religions in the medieval hill-town of Assisi, Italy, last Thursday to proclaim that religion must never be used to justify violence. Some 200 imams, patriarchs, monks and rabbis from around the world answered the pontiff’s invitation, which was issued last November in response to the Sept. 11 […] Read More

One African-American pastor leads his growing church with a rather short, but effective set of values. The Rev. William Buchanan, pastor at Fifteenth Avenue Baptist Church, one of the largest African-American congregations in its north Nashville, Tenn., -neighborhood, claims his leadership methods are unchanged from 22 years ago, when he left the golf course to […] Read More

In a way the understanding of adolescence has matured among scientists. According to some contemporary theories, adolescence now lasts until age 34, meaning that many of today’s soldiers, members of Congress and businesspersons could fall under the category between children and adults. According to some contemporary theories, adolescence now lasts until age 34, meaning that […] Read More