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The NCAA Executive Committee declined to ban alcohol advertising for sporting events, ignoring letters signed by coaches, presidents and athletics directors who said advertising beer is inconsistent with the NCAA’s policy banning advertising for hard liquor and not in the best interest of college sports or higher education. Committee chairman Michael Adams called the NCAA’s […] Read More

Baptists and Alcohol

Every year, as the result of misusing alcoholic beverages, many Baptists die in accidents; batter their spouses and children; abandon their marriages and families; experience mental, emotional, and physical sickness; fail to report to their workplaces; lose their jobs; commit crimes; enter prisons; become alcoholics; and check in at rehab units. Many other Baptists enjoy […] Read More

Thank the Almighty for men of God like Brad Reynolds, professor at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in North Carolina and pastor of Gravel Hill Baptist Church in Clarksville, Va. A man who is not afraid to stand firm on the Word of God, come what may. Recently, he stood on the truth of the Gospel […] Read More

A seminary president said there is nothing new or surprising about a recently passed Southern Baptist Convention resolution opposing the sale or use of beverage alcohol, but he doesn’t believe the Bible teaches that all drinking is a sin. Albert Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky., said on a Wednesday radio […] Read More

The Southern Baptist Convention on Wednesday passed a resolution declaring “total opposition” to the manufacturing, advertising, distributing and drinking of alcoholic beverages. While teetotaling was the denomination’s official stance through much of the 20th century, opponents to the resolution said total abstinence is not supported by Scripture and is not essential for proclamation of the […] Read More

Young people were exposed to 31 percent less alcohol advertising in magazines in 2004 than in 2001, but still are exposed on average to more advertising of beer, hard liquor and flavored malt beverages than adults of legal drinking age, according to a recent study. Youth still see 15 percent more beer advertising and 10 […] Read More

I don’t want to sound like some poor soul locked into a constraining fundamentalist religion that keeps me from enjoying life; nor do I want to sound pious or preachy. It’s just a fact of my life–I’ve never drank a beer. I’ve never had a swig of Jack Daniels. I tasted a strawberry daiquiri once. […] Read More

A Southern Baptist seminary president told students in October that drinking alcohol can get them expelled from school and destroy their ministry, but he doesn’t believe the Bible teaches total abstinence. President Al Mohler of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary told a forum on “alcohol and ministry” that the argument that Scripture makes total abstinence morally […] Read More

Baptists have long viewed drinking as a sin–publicly if not always in private. But a new study suggests ministers of the denomination are not of one mind when it comes to moderate consumption of alcohol. Fifty-three percent of North Carolina Baptist pastors surveyed said they believe the Bible teaches that any use of alcohol is […] Read More

As a member of the executive committee of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, Robert Fisher, president of Belmont University, has a unique opportunity and responsibility to speak up for alcohol-free sports TV at the NCAA’s executive committee’s August meeting. asked Fisher this week in an email why the Tennessee Baptist-affiliated school had not joined […] Read More