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More than 150,000 deaths in the U.S. in 2017 were related to alcohol, drugs and suicide, a study found. Total deaths attributable to these three factors have more than doubled since 1999. […] Read More

Many of the great 19th-century women leaders in the U.S. were against what they considered three great evils: slavery, discrimination against women (including no voting rights) and alcohol. The first two evils have largely been eradicated, but not the third. Jane Addams was active in the temperance movement, as was Elizabeth Cady Stanton and her […] Read More

Obama’s presidential wink at marijuana comes when his public opinion ratings are at all-time low and with a dreadful, glassy-eyed comparison to alcohol. A BBC News headline read: “Barack Obama: ‘Marijuana no more dangerous than alcohol.'” After admitting his own well-documented pot smoking as a “kid” and cigarettes as an adult, Obama said, “I don’t […] Read More

Shorter University, a private Christian university in Rome, Ga., recently updated its personal conduct policy for its employees to include the following: I agree to adhere to and support the following principles (on or off the campus): I will be loyal to the mission of Shorter University as a Christ-centered institution affiliated with the Georgia […] Read More

(RNS) The Rev. James Howell knew he had a problem on his hands when several teenagers arrived at a church dance drunk and had to be taken from the church by ambulance for treatment for alcohol poisoning. Starting in 2009, he urged his flock at Myers Park United Methodist Church in Charlotte, N.C., to give […] Read More

NAIROBI (RNS/ENInews) Faith leaders in Kenya hope to collect 1 million signatures to petition President Mwai Kibaki to rescind a new law legalizing traditional brews that have left hundreds dead. Christian, Hindu and Muslim leaders are concerned the law will lead to increased alcohol abuse in Kenya. “We are opposed to the legalization of alcohol […] Read More

The news these days is flush with accounts of the proposed sale of Virginia’s post-Prohibition monopoly of ABC stores. For generations, Virginia has controlled liquor by the bottle through a state-based network of about 300 stores that do no advertising, rarely display signage, and still wrap bottles in a trademark brown paper bag. Gov. Bob […] Read More

In their infinite wisdom, our board of supervisors has decided the way out of our county’s financial squeeze – we’re the second poorest county in Virginia – is to allow beer and wine sales on Sundays. One supervisor commented, “This isn’t about religion, it’s about economics.”   I would agree. I don’t think Christians can […] Read More

North Carolina is among the states that are looking at “sin taxes” as a relatively easy means for increasing revenue – easy, so long as they can get by the powerful tobacco and alcohol lobbies. There’s just one thing wrong with sin taxes – they aren’t big enough. That’s especially true with North Carolina’s proposed […] Read More

As of Aug. 25, a group of more than 125 college presidents and chancellors have signed on to promote one of the dumbest ideas ever to emerge from an administrative office. They want to combat binge drinking among college students by lowering the legal age for alcohol use from 21 to 18. Most of the […] Read More