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Once declared an atheist state, Albania today is ripe spiritually yet poverty-stricken. While the Baptist Union of Albania is one of the smallest in Europe, its 250 members are focused on missions. […] Read More

Vernon and Gladys learned in early 1934, less than two years after they married, that she was expecting twins. Poverty, like swollen river flood water, was always lapping at the front door for this young, northeast Mississippi couple, causing Vernon to work extra odd jobs after farming with his brother, Vester. With no financial security, […] Read More

Christianity in Albania claims apostolic roots since the Bible mentions a visit of Titus to Dalmatia, the province on the territory of today’s Albania (2 Timothy 4:10). From the 15th century to the 19th century, under the rule of the Turkish Ottoman Empire, the dominant religion became Islam. In 1817, the British and Foreign Bible […] Read More

At the beginning of the 21st century, I lived in Houston and tended to observe immigrant struggles from the relatively safe and somewhat distant perspective of a privileged American. The fighting in Kosova (the Albanian spelling), where Serbian soldiers attempted to terminate the majority Albanian population, had been halted by NATO intervention. In one of […] Read More

As students of literature know, “The Odyssey” is the story of one man’s frustrated attempt to return home. Nestor, a noble warrior, came home shortly after his battles and discovered that little had changed. Agamemnon also made it home, but discovered that much, indeed, had changed. Menelaus was initially forced to wander about but eventually […] Read More

In response to the crushing economic crisis in Greece, I have been working to improve my greatly underutilized capacity to empathize with my Greek and Albanian friends. As I have turned up the volume on my faulty hearing and labored to hone my otherwise distracted powers of observation, I have gained a fresh appreciation for […] Read More

“Porta” means “door” in Albanian and Greek. It has also come to signify a place of “help, hope and wholeness” for Albanian immigrants in Athens, Greece. PORTA – The Albania House in Athens is the topic of a new Skype interview with PORTA’s founders, Bob and Janice Newell. Skype Interview: Bob and Janice Newell from […] Read More