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Al Mohler

Certain fundamentalists often cite one verse to justify their ban on women preaching in church. It’s a common trick: Isolate a verse, declare it to be universal and offer one interpretation of the text as the “biblical position.” […] Read More

As an 18-year-old college freshman, Tyler Clementi threw himself off a bridge after what has been widely described as an incident of anti-gay bullying. Other students had surreptitiously filmed Tyler while he was having an encounter with another male in his dorm room, and they streamed it over the internet. Tyler’s death rests in company […] Read More

My blood pressure raised a few points when I read MSN’s front-and-center headline: “The End of Christian America.”   The article reported that according to the 2009 American Religious Identification Survey the number of people who claim no religious preference nearly doubled to 15 percent from 8 percent. The biggest change happened in the Northeast. […] Read More

This past week marked the 200th birthday of Charles Darwin. All across the country there were celebrations and denunciations ”not by the same people, of course. Celebrating Darwin’s life were scientists, biologists, medical researchers and others who deal in the life sciences. These are the folk who know that there is much we would not […] Read More

A Southern Baptist seminary president who two years ago called for an evangelical Christian “exit strategy” from public schools now chides churches for neglecting to help parents make responsible decisions about their children’s education. On Friday’s “Albert Mohler Radio Program,” the president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary lamented that while millions of Christian parents are […] Read More

A year ago, the Southern Baptist Convention issued a resolution urging churches and parents “to investigate their public schools to determine, among other things, whether they are endangering children in their care by collaboration with homosexual advocates.” The resolution stopped short of demanding that all Southern Baptists pull their children out of public school. But […] Read More

Funny, isn’t it, how people pick and choose what to take literally about the Bible’s account of creation and the early days of humankind? Take Al Mohler’s recent comments in opposition to theistic evolution. “If we’re not all literally the descendants of Adam and Eve, then there’s no explanation of how Adam’s sin was imputed […] Read More

Southern Seminary President Albert Mohler said last week on his call-in radio show that theistic evolution–the middle ground between belief in evolution and that God created the world directly–is a “lie”–and that Christians can’t have it both ways. Commenting on the media’s surprise after three Republican presidential candidates indicated in a recent debate they reject […] Read More

Two Southern Baptist leaders dismissed as ludicrous charges by liberals that the nation’s largest Protestant denomination has been taken over by theocrats. “I am an elected official in the Southern Baptist Convention,” Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist Convention Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, said on last Thursday’s “Albert Mohler Radio Program.” “I know […] Read More

For some time now a contentious battle over homosexuality has raged in our country. The war has been fought primarily on three fronts: religion, politics, and science. Religion and politics are by far the most volatile, and the most destructive. Some of the language used by segments of the faith community to wage their part […] Read More