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In 1992, Mike Huckabee was running for a seat in the United States Senate. As part of that process, he filled out the questionnaire sent to candidates by the Associated Press, which they use to develop background knowledge for reporting on the candidates. These statements were recently reprinted by the New York Times. When asked […] Read More

Fifty faith-based and policy-advocacy organizations lobbied Congress March 12, urging support for issues vital the world’s poorest children. The lobbying effort came on the heels of a weekend international conference focusing on the status of children around the world. Children’s Defense Fund Founder and President Marian Wright Edelman delivered Sunday’s keynote address to about 1,000 […] Read More

World AIDS Day is Dec. 1. Around the world there have been special seminars and public gatherings to call attention to the fact that 40 million individuals have HIV. Among those infected are members of our own Baptist community. Yet HIV/AIDS is not just a one-time-a-year issue. It is a global issue that demands our […] Read More

A Southern Baptist Convention official criticized the White House for putting an openly gay physician in charge of the United States policy to combat global AIDS. “I think it’s a tragedy to have a sodomite living with another man and being the AIDS coordinator,” Wiley Drake, the SBC’s second vice president said in Agape Press, […] Read More

An estimated 64,000 people worldwide will die from AIDS, and 88,000 will be newly infected during the week-long meeting to the Baptist World Alliance in Mexico City, said a presenter in a forum on AIDS/HIV ministries. A program leader said 2006 is the 25th anniversary of the start of this pandemic disease. Another forum leader, […] Read More

This story updates and replaces an earlier report posted Thursday night as part of developing coverage of the 2005 Baptist World Congress this week in Birmingham, England. Noting there are 39.4 million HIV-positive people in the world–about one for every Baptist–the group asked the BWA to support the initiation of a functional network of AIDS-related […] Read More

How many idealists does it take to change the world? According to Bread for the World, it only takes one. In fact, ONE is what they are calling their recent initiative to raise awareness in America about the ongoing tragedy of global poverty, hunger and AIDS. And there have been some interesting ones drawn into […] Read More

BEIRUT, Lebanon–Sharing a common language and sense of responsibility for the failure of their governments to stop the genocide that unfolded in Rwanda, French-speaking Baptists have banded together to fight AIDS and work for reconciliation in that East-African nation.   France and Belgium are guilty about the genocide,” said Etienne Lhermenault, general secretary of Federation […] Read More

Every day in Africa, 6,500 people die from the HIV/AIDS virus–and people are beginning to notice. Dan Haseltine of the Christian band Jars of Clay wants to bring the Christian community face-to-face with its responsibilities concerning the HIV/AIDS crisis ravaging Africa. “God has given us a mandate, a privilege … to see God’s hand of […] Read More

Various singers took to a stage in Cape Town, South Africa, on Saturday to focus attention on Africa’s AIDS crisis. Headlining the concert was none other than U2 lead singer and AIDS activist Bono. Bono’s duet with R&B artist Beyonce Knowles drew much attention. Titled “American Prayer,” Bono said the song was about asking “churches […] Read More