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This July, the continent of Africa will host the Baptist World Congress for the first time. Baptists of Africa in general and of South Africa in particular, will joyfully welcome the participants who come to the congress for worship and renewal, study and reflection, fellowship and networking. In preparation for the event, one African Baptist […] Read More

As you reflect on the Christmas story, do you celebrate and affirm its connection to Africa and refugees? Each semester in my “Introduction to the New Testament” course, I ask students to retell the Christmas story. Working together, students generally note many of the more commonly known elements: the inn and its lack of room, […] Read More

The Baptist World Alliance (BWA) pivoted to Sub-Saharan Africa at its annual gathering this year in Izmir, Turkey, with the election of a new president from Africa and plans for the 2015 World Baptist Congress in South Africa. The move is a wise one, especially given the explosive growth of Christianity in that part of […] Read More

The 150th anniversary of Samuel Ajayi Crowther’s ordination in England’s Canterbury Cathedral as the first African bishop was June 29. While this is worth celebrating, it is important to understand Samuel’s life and learn from his pioneering role. He was born Ajayi in a little town called Osogun, now Oyo State, Nigeria in 1810. One […] Read More

Can Jews, Christians and Muslims coexist? Yes. Imagine a man who, as a child, lived next to a synagogue in the West Indies and attended a Dutch Reformed church. Imagine, further, the same man as a young adult who arrived in Liberia under the auspices of the New York Colonization Society and, with funding from […] Read More

Africa has been hit hard by the Euro crisis, but will only lift itself out of poverty when the continent begins to live God’s way. This was the message in the keynote address to the African Biblical Leadership Initiative (ABLI) in Uganda. The forum is run by the Bible Society for leaders from the world […] Read More

We should welcome Charles Taylor’s recent conviction by a U.N. war crimes tribunal. While president of Liberia, Taylor fomented violent uprisings in neighboring countries with the aid of brutal militias in order to extend his regional influence. It was during his rule that the term “blood diamonds” was coined, referring to the lucrative stones from […] Read More

An estimated one-third of the world’s 6.9 billion people in 2010 were Christians who lived around the globe, making Christianity a global faith. While the Americas and Europe are still “home to a majority of the world’s Christians,” Christianity “has grown enormously in sub-Saharan Africa and the Asia-Pacific region,” according to a report produced by […] Read More

Editor’s note: Trevor Barton lived in Mali in West Africa for three years as a teacher and friend. It was early morning. The African sun had yet to rise above the mountains, and the sky was the soft yellow of newly shucked corn. “Beep, beep,” sounded the horn on the old truck as it rumbled […] Read More

VATICAN CITY (RNS) Pope Benedict XVI ended his second papal trip to Africa on Sunday (Nov. 20) with a call for “reconciliation, justice and peace” in a troubled continent that he nonetheless called a “land of hope.” The pope’s three-day visit to the West African country of Benin culminated in an open-air Mass in the […] Read More